Blue Archive – Unlocking L2D and Affections Guide

In this guide for Blue Archive, I will be covering how you can unlock L2D in the game. I will also discuss some points and tips on Affections and how they work in the game.

Hopefully, by the end of this guide, you will have a clear idea on Affections, and what L2D actually is.

Blue Archive | How To Unlock L2D and Affections Guide

What are L2D in Blue Archive?

L2D stands for “Live 2D”.If you spend some time in the main screen for Blue Archive, you will see these amazing wallpapers of BA characters.

You will find that most of them are static and have no movement. If you manage to unlock L2D in Blue Archive, these wallpapers will become animated and that will look even more cool. 

The art of Blue Archive is already mesmerizing and soothing. That combined with animated home screen wallpaper in-game, will make an amazing combination.

I would highly recommend that you do not miss these L2Ds. In the next section we will see how to unlock them.

How To Unlock L2Ds in Blue archive?

You can unlock L2D in Blue Archive for every character in the game by increasing their affection level. Every character is different and hence their L2D and the Affection level needed are also different.

But that is how you can get them for all of the characters. The most common one to get unlocked first would be Yuuka.

Since she requires only Affection 1, you have most probably unlocked her L2D first! I will list the entire list of characters, and the affection level you need to unlock them also.

Blue Archive L2D Unlock List [Affections Needed]

Blue Archive Character ListAffection Level (L2D Unlock List)

As you can see, the list ranges from 9 Affection level like Serika, Shiroko, all the way down to 1 Affection level. The only one here is Yuuka, whom you will be unlocking first for most parts.

Increase Affection (Relationship) Levels in Blue Archive

Using the Café

You should find the Café at the left hand side of the main screen. I will discuss this as the first method you can use to increase your affection levels.

Once you enter the “Café” Tab, you should see some coffee machines and characters approaching them.

Each day 4 characters will come to the Café. The names are random and you cannot really pick who will appear in the Café that day. All you need to do is click on these characters. This will help you to increase their affection level by a small amount. In Short:

  • Select Café Tab
  • Select Any random character OR;
  • Invite one from recruited
  • Click on them to increase Affections

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You can also select “Invitation” option at the bottom of the same screen. It should say that “Available for Use”. Select that and you will be given a list of characters you can invite to the Café.

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If you have any specific one in mind, invite her to the cafeteria, and you can then increase her affection level the same way you will do with these random characters.

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Doing Lesson is also another good method to increase Affection Level. You can find this option right besides Café.

Once you enter this tab, you will see a lot of locations, their ranks, and rewards you can get. These are basically offices. Select any one office from here. You will be able to do this 3 times per day.

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Once you enter any office, you can then increase the affection for the characters that are available there. Next, you need to click on the character, check the lesson rewards, and simply select “Start Lesson”.

There is one tip here that says that Only currently recruited students are able to earn relationship points. Take note of this and do the Lesson.

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After the successful completion, you should receive relationship points for the compatible characters as you can see from the heart ❤️ symbol.

Make sure you players do this every single day to make optimal use of the time and resources to increase the affection levels.


This is another great way to increase affections levels. Gifts can be crafted also which may come as a surprise for some players.

I think this is mostly known to the majority of players. Now, in order to give gifts to someone, you need to first invite them over to your Café. OR they can be one of the random 4 characters that appear everyday inside the Café.

Either way, in order to give the gift, press the bottom icon that says “Gift” at the bottom-left of the screen.

You will be presented with a list of gifts you may already have. Select any one of them, drag it outside, and drop it on the character you want to increase affection levels for. TLDR;

  • Open Gifts Tab
  • Check the Gifts you want to give and their descriptions
  • Go to Café and select the character you want to invite
  • Press “Gifts” from bottom and drag gift to the character
  • This will increase the affection level!

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I will link the Gifts WIKI so that you can refer to that anytime you want. It is specifically useful for times when you want to know different aspects for the gifts. They include:

  • Gift names
  • Effects
  • Flavour Text
  • Item Icons

Leave a comment down below if you need a separate article for gifts only. I will make sure to do a detailed guide on this. 

How To Use L2D in the Homepage of Blue Archive

Acquiring L2D is one part of the entire guide. This part will discuss how you can actually equip and use them on your main home screen in-game. To do that do the following:

  • Click on “select roster” located at the top-right corner.
  • You will see a list of characters and their L2D count
  • Select any one to apply that to your homepage.

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That is all I am sharing for this guide on Blue Archive L2D unlocking and affections. Leave your thoughts down in the comments below. You can follow us on Twitter and drop a like on Facebook to get the latest update on gaming guides.

I also have a YouTube channel where I upload the latest gaming content for PC and Android. Feel free to check that out at your own leisure. Got specific suggestions? You can submit them here. Thanks for reading!

Last Updated on February 1, 2024

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