Mortal Kombat 11 | All Forge Recipes And Konsumables

In this guide, we shall show you All the Forge recipes in Mortal Kombat 11 (MK11). You will come across a forge area in Shang Tsung’s tower after you progress further.

These recipes can be confusing as well as costly. Save up enough to make your Konsumable purchases and crafting easier. The MK11 Forge Recipes can be found in chests.

But sometimes you may only get the correct ingredients required inside the chest itself. Once you unlock it, you can view a recipe in the Kollections tab of the Kustomize options.

NOTE: For ease of browsing, Press CTRL+F and search for your specific item, if any.

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Mk11 All Forge recipes and Konsumables

Shinnok’s Amulet

To craft Shinnok’s amulet you will need:

  • The bewitched Eye of the Dragon: it is obtained killing a spider in the hives (the one in the subterranean of Goro for example)
  • The heart of the Bewitched Demon: it is obtained by killing a body suspended in Krypt, with the lance of Scorpion.
  • The bewitched Gem of Soul Fragments. This one is in the chest of souls located in the forest of dead trees, in the background on the left. You will have to pay 10,000 souls to get it.
  • Once you acquire the gem, go to the forge. Forge the Shinnok Amulet with these 3 ingredients.
  • Forging the artefact costs 60,000 coins and 1500 souls!
  • Once the 3 amulets placed, you will open new access to Kytinn hives.

MK11 all forge recipes

Item and Character names
Recipes Required
Warrior’s Barbarous Face (Baraka Gear)Leather StrapDistilled Tarkatan RageBattleworn Helmet
Shadow Ops No-Serial Pistol (Cassie Cage Gear)Disassembled Old PistolCopper Plating Outworld Steel
Space Odyssae (Cetrion Gear)Ageless IronbarkElder God’s SparkGrave Soil
Darkling Weevils (D’vorah Gear)Grotesque Mutated LarvaGround Bone DustZaterran Venom Sac
Pronghorn and White-Tail (Erron Black Gear)Rusty Antique PistolTygorr HideHandful of Flux
Wintermeter 9,000 (Frost Gear)Depowered Tekunin CorePowered CoreCircuitry Bundle
Chaotian Era Chaos (Geras Gear)Dregs of the HourglassElement of OrderStabilized Chaos
Mistress of Bojutsu (Jade Gear)Mileena’s VeilKrypt Spider Silk Essence of Edenian Magic
Left Hot Shottie (Jacqui Briggs Gear)Busted Black Market GauntletMotherboardCharged Capacitators
Boom of the Tiger (Jax Briggs Gear)Jax’s Cigar BoxCarbon Film ResistorCircuitry Bundle
Licensed to Fight (Johnny Cage Gear)Krypt Spider SilkGold OreRemnants of a Broken Trophy
Trip, Catch, Slash (Kabal Gear)Bent Hook SwordsCopper PlatingCordite
Dragon Stalker (Kano Gear)Disabled Cybernetic HeartFrayed WiringSynthetic Fiber
Scissor Kisser (Kitana Gear)Edenian Blade FragmentGold OreOutworld Steel
Winds of Destiny (Kitana Gear)Sindel’s BrushEssence of Edenian MagicSerpent Scales
Oni Scrotebag (Kollector Gear)Torn SackTygorr HideKrypt Spider Silk
Noble Kahn’s Lynx Macana (Kotal Kahn Gear) Splintered MachuathitlStabilized ChaosOutworld Steel
Eager Partner (Kung Lao Gear)Element of OrderElder God’s SparkIll-Fitting Dull Bladed Hat
Rods of Penitence (Liu Kang Gear)Zombie ChainsLeather StripsElement of Order
Shackle of Sin (Noob Saibot Gear)Drahmin’s maskStabilized Chaos Obsidian Shard
Maelstrom Bringer (Raiden Gear)Magically Sealed AmuletElder God’s SparkBottled Thunder
Kunai of Hisso (Scorpion Gear) Taven’s SwordNecromantic RunestoneNetherrealm Magma
Katana of the Revenant (Scorpion Gear)Fractured KatanaDragon FlameLeather Strips
Intimidator (Shao Kahn Gear)Dragon King HeartNetherrealm MagmaMeteorite Dust
Outworld Warrior Extract (Skarlet Gear)Empty Shattered VialCoagulated Vampire BloodGround Bone Dust
Hunter Killer (Sonya Blade Gear)Antique Training ManualCircuitry BundleFrayed Wiring
Kuai Liang’s Frosty Arsenal (Sub-Zero Gear)Cracked Lin Kuai BombshellBlack PowderUnbroken Fuse

Mortal kombat (MK) 11 All Konsumables

Mk11 forge recipes: Konsumables 1


  • Coins (Make 5000 coins): Gold ore + Gold ore + Copper Plating
  • Transmute Souls (Make 250 Souls): Lost Soul Essence + Lost Soul Essence + Necromantic Runestone
  • Transmute Hearts (Make 50 Hearts: Coagulated Vampire Blood + Element of Order + Coagulated Vampire Blood.


  • Silver Dragon x10 (Summon Kung Lao): Bottled Thunder + Obsidian Shard + Outworld Steel.
  • Tekunin Emergency Receiver x10 ( Summon Cyrax) : Frayed Wiring + Carbon Film Resistor + Circuitry Bundle.
  • Kytinn pheromones x10 (Summon D’vorah) : Coagulated vampire blood + Cordite + Kytinn Spittle.
  • Special Forces Com x10 (Summon Cassie Cage) : Power Core + Circuitry Bundle + Copper Plating.
  • Liu Kang’s Headband x 10 (Summon Liu Kang): Dragon Flame + Element Of Order + Copper Plating.
  • Blackened Sickle x10 (Noob Saibot Summon): Coagulated Vampire Blood + Krystalline Shard + Synthetic Fiber.
  • Lit Shades x10 (Summon Johnny Cage): Gold Ore + Circuitry Bundle + Krystalline Shard
  • Kuai’s Medallion x10 (Summon Sub-Zero): Copper Plating + Kytinn Spittle + Leather Strips.
  • Polished Dog Tags x10 (Summon Jax) : Black powder + Copper Platting + Gold Ore
  • Sack of Silver Dollars x10 (Summon Erron Black): Black Powder + Ground Bone Dust + Outworld Steel.
  • Electrified Takuhatsugasa x10 (Summon Raiden): Bottled Thunder + Charged Capacitors + Synthetic Fiber.
  • Eternal Sand x 10 (Summon Geras): Bottled Thunder + Elder God’s Spark + Elder God’s Spark.
  • Tekin Emergency Reciever x10 (Summon Cyrax): Carbon Film Resistor + Circuitry Bundle + Frayed Wiring.
  • Robo-Sek Memory Unit x10 (Summon Sector): Charged Capacitors + Frayed Wiring + Motherboard.
  • Charged Cyber Core x10 (Summon Frost) : Charged Capacitors + Frayed Wiring + Power Core.
  • Upgraded Military Boots x10 (Summons Jacqui): Circuitry Bundle + Copper Plating + Handful of Flux.
  • Black Dragon Butterfly Knife x10 (Summons Kano): Circuitry Bundle + Obsidian Shard + Outworld Steel.
  • Sacrifice Stone x10 (Kotal Kahn summon) Tygorr Hide + Ground Bone Dust + Grave soil


  • Nitara’s Gemstone x10 (Blood-based modifier damage reduced 50%): Coagulated Vampire Blood + Cordite + Fragment of Order.
  • Shard of life x10 (Instantly grants 25% health) : Coagulated Vampire Blood + Element of Order + Copper Plating.
  • Frost Core Fragment x10 (Immune to all Ice ): Circuitry Bundle + Powered Core
  • Static Shield Generator x10 (Immune to all Electric) = Carbon Film Resistor + Charged Capacitors + Charged Capacitors.
  • Necromancer’s Rune x10 (Places rune that grants armor): Ground Bone Dust + Necromantic Runestone.
  • Ethereal Armor x10 (Defense) : Element of Order + Essence of Edenian Magic + Copper Plating.
  • Lightning Resistance x10 (Electric damage down) : Bottled Thunder + Charged Capacitors+ Outworld Steel.
  • Sigil of the Red Dragon x10 (Energy damage down)= Carbon Film Resistor + Distilled Tarkatan Rage + Netherrealm Magma.
  • Bottled Rage 10 (sacrifices health for damage buff): Bottled Thunder + Distilled Tarkatan Rage + Dragon Flame.
  • Electric Field Generator x10 (Electric Aura) = Charged Capacitors + Charged Capacitors + Outworld Steel.
  • Nitara’s Gemstone x10 (Reduce Blood damage) = Coagulated Vampire Blood + Cordite + Element of Order.
  • Shield of Living Flame x10 (Immune to all Flame): Netherealm Magma + Netherealm Magma + Dragon Flame.
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  • Broken Quiver x10 (Stuns Opponent) : Serpent Scales + Lost Soul Essence
  • Gourd of the Eight Immortals x10 (Stun Opponent): Copper Plating + Elder God’s Spark
  • Napalm Missiles x10 (Ignite Opponent): Circuitry Bundle + Miniature Explosive Charge
  • Meteorite Core x10 (Ignite Opponent ): Meteorite Dust +Outworld Steel
  • Fists of Cold Steel x10 (Series of Landed Punches Freeze Opponent): Essence of Frost + Krypt Spider Silk
  • Liquid Nitrogen Filled Explosives x10 (Freeze Opponent): Cordite + Minature Explosive Charge
  • Water God’s Artifact x10 (Knock Back/Freeze): Elder God’s Spark + Handful of Flux
  • Poison Claws x10 (Landed Punches Drain Stamina): Kytinn spittle + Zaterran Venom Sack
  • Venom Laced Missile x10 (Drain Stamina): Kytinn Spittle + Miniature Explosive Charge
  • Cyber Snare x10 (Snare opponent): Copper Plating + Frayed Wiring
  • Severed Arm of Shinnok x10 (Knock opponent back): Ground Bone Dust + Suspended Osh-Tekk Sunlight
  • Amulet of Lost Souls x10 (Lift Opponent): Necromantic Runestone + Outworld Steel
  • Crown of the Fallen Prince x10 (Lifts /traps Opponent): Essence of Edenian Magic + Lost Soul Essence
  • Force Ball x10 (Pops Opponent Up) : Serpent Scales + Suspended Osh-Tekk Sunlight
  • Cyber Communicator x10 (Pops Opponent Up): Circuitry Bundle + Motherboard
  • Flash Grenade x10 (Throw Flash Grenade): Carbon Film Resistor + Copper Plating
  • Ash of Vrbada x10 (Throw a smoke bomb): Dragon Flame + Suspended Osh-Tekk Sunlight
  • Charged Knuckle Duster x10 (Shock Opponent): Circuitry Bundle + Bottled Thunder + Copper Plating

Mk11 all forge recipes: Konsumables 2

Common Item (costs 200 koins to forge)

  • Black Powder: A small pouch of fine-grain explosive black powder
  • Thunder: A storm roils and twists in the glittering vessel
  • Carbon Film Resistor: Carbon Fibre and hyper thin, this material is strong and sturdy
  • Charged Capacitors : Power hums in these glowing devices
  • Circuitry Bundle: Wires and circuits spark, seemingly of their own accord
  • Coagulated Vampire Blood: The deep ruby colour flows and shifts slowly in the vial
  • Copper Plating: A rich, shimmering plate of metal polished to a mirror shine
  • Cordite: a small bundle of explosive shaped like a tangle of cord
  • Distilled Tarkatan Rage: The glass is vaguely vibrating, and the liquid inside looks angry
  • Dragon Flame: A flame burns on its own, undiminished by time
  • Elder God’s Spark: Power crackles and leaps from the mote of power, concealing a much greater purpose
  • The element of Order: An emblem bears the symbol of the Shaolin monks and thrums with power
  • The essence of Edenian Magic: The purple liquid appears to dance and glow, brimming with energy
  • The essence of Frost: Cold to the touch, this mote of power appears as a small snowstorm
  • Frayed Wiring: Wires pulled from an unknown machine, ends torn and rent
  • Gold Ore: A heft chunk of pure gold, its weight belies its value
  • Grave Soil: This soil exudes a sense of profound sorrow and rage
  • Ground Bone Dust: This dust seems nearly as sinister as the bowl it rests in
  • Handful of Flux: This dust could help melt any metal, proving useful in powerful crafts
  • Krypt Spider Silk: This spider silk flutters in the slightest breeze, but when bound together is stronger than steel
  • Krystalline Shard: A glow plays through the shimmering Krystal, casting light in all directions
  • Kytinn Spittle: This special krystal vial is the only way to contain the incredibly acidic spittle within
  • Leather Strips: Leather Strips taken form some unknown denizen of the Krypt
  • Lost Soul Essence: You can hear the faint wailing from the glowing motes in the cage
  • Meteorite Dust: A falling star, ground into fine dust seems to seep an otherworldly power
  • Minature Explosive Bomb: This small device contains massive destructive power
  • Motherboard: A fully intact controller for some large machine
  • Necromantic Runestone: A stone with a foreboding symbol on it. Its power fills the air with dread
  • NetherRealm Magma: The glowing rock ripples and bubbles with incredible heat, never cooling
  • Obsidian Shard: A jet black shard of wicked sharp stone. It glints with malice as light plays across its surface
  • Outworld Steel: Cold steel with ominous rippling patters over its whole surface. It seems to leech heat from the air
  • Powered Core: The buzz of barely contained power fills the air around this device
  • Serpent Scales: Sickly green scales from some massive serpent. They might make excellent armor.
  • Stabilized Chaos: Madness and disorder swirl and twist, constantly threatening to break loose
  • Suspended Osh-Tekk Sunlight: This gem spills light and glows with an inner heat
  • Synthetic Fiber: This tangle of threads is incredibly durable and flexible
  • Tygorr Hide: The striped hide of this massive beast is a rare find and incredibly valuable
  • Unbroken Fuse: Power flows through this fuse, serving as a conduit of power
  • Zaterran Venom Sack: This organ periodically leaks incredibly deadly venom

Here is a post we made for the KRYPT MAP for ease of reference.

That will conclude this Mortal Kombat 11 Complete guide for forge recipes and konsumables in the game. We have left out the item names on purpose since you can identify them by the images just like in-game. If you still need the recipe names, do let us know and we will update them.

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    1. For event-specific rewards and crafts, there is a certain time during which they are available, i.e holiday lights. You can again get these when this event arrives. As far as we know, there is no separate way to get these.

  1. That’s good to know thank you what about crafting the focused soul regen consumables? I’ve noticed not many recipes for a lot of the other tower consumables, anything you have for the regens would be amazing ?

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    1. As far as I know, you cannot forge augments. You get them by offering koins in the crypt and getting them as drops from chests. You can also get them as rewards from the Towers of Time battles. Losing AI battles also offers you augments. Let me know if you found out otherwise. I hope this helps!

      1. The meteor secret tower in towers of time.
        Every 2 hours 10 min a meteor flys above the towers, depending on daylight savings time it’s odd or even, as of now 11/10/21 it’s odd so 1,3,5,7,9 etc

        The sequence is :
        Up,left,up,left, Right,Left, up,up

        You’re gonna need 250k, 2500 souls and I think 500 hearts. So get grinding, and if you do summon it successfully DO NOT EXIT the towers menu until you have gotten all you need or the tower disappears

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