Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG | Best Team and Top Heroes Guide

In this guide for  Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG, I will be discussing the best team along with the top heroes. As a result of them being the top of the line, you will also know the best team composition.

Best Team and Top Heroes Guide For Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG

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Let’s go ahead and jump on in and take a look real quick. So who are the top five heroes to go after in this game and what what type of positions are they going to be playing?

#1 Ganjiang and Moye [SSR]

Screenshot 1 2

The first on my list will be the top unit or hero you need to have on your team. This comes in the form of Ganjiang and Moye. These are legendary swordsmiths with an SSR rating. This would be my only Dual Unit or heroes in this guide.

When you first summon them in a game, you get their gold version. They come with a wide range of abilities that can be put to good use.

They increase the Evasion and crit chance for you by a decent amount. This is specifically useful when the game gets tough and you need to control crowds of enemies.

Their ultimate ability is what makes them top of the list! That is because you can deal damage, and recover HP at the same time. This comes in handy, in clutch situations.

You are also able to dispel buffs and debuffs. Other heroes have such abilities but this unit has all-in-one qualities. If I want to sum it up:

  • Removes Debuffs
  • Recovers HP
  • Deals Damage
  • Increases Evasion and Critical Chance

# 2 Lucifer[UR]

Screenshot 5 1

Lucifer comes in at number 2 for me at the current meta for this game. The high Seraphim Lucifer has the rating of Ultra Rare or UR.

Before I start with the actual stats, just by looking at the aesthetics, this is one of my favorite characters going by design. The Armor, wings, weapon and overall design are done very well by the developers.

He has an ultimate called “Holy Chaos” where he folds his wings to charge at enemies. After that, he bursts out an aura of holy energy that deals massive damage. This ultimate also has knockback effects which is ideal for your team.

Not to mention that he will also remove 30 energy from the enemy using this move. Since you would need a stunner hero, Lucifer will serve the purpose just right!

As you keep increasing his level up to 4, then he will dish out 80% damage using Holy Chaos. You can get him after you do a 7-Days login.

I recommend that you do that since he is worth the time and effort. To sum up his skill sets and perks;

  • Great Hero with Amazing Ultimate
  • Removes energy from enemies
  • Does Damage increase with Lvl. (Upto 4)
  • Great aesthetics and animation
  • Ultimate comes more often than you think as compared to other units or heroes

#3 Nuwa [UR]

Screenshot 2 2

In my opinion, Nuwa comes in at number 3, as per the date of the publication of this post. She has a UR rating which is already impressive. You would know the importance of a great support character in your team. Support characters help you out-sustain or sustain battles and defeat opponents by outlasting them.

Nuwa will help you do just that with her amazing set of skills. Her Ultimate is called “Mend the Sky”. You would want to take this up to Lvl. 4. This increases the duration of the skill to 10s.

Her Ultimate has 5 forms. They are; 1) Brown Nuwa – Increases attack speed. 2) Red – Tank type which increases HP recovery by 6% of max health. 3) Yellow – Increases Attack by 30%. 4) Blue – Mage type Nuwa who increases crit chance and damage by 30%. 5) Green – This type increases 30 energy every second

Use her as a backline character to recover HP and energy for your main frontline damage dealers like Lucifer. Since the number one characters have one-time abilities, you would need Nuwa to support them after they have used their abilities. Let me sum it up for your ease of reference;

  • Her Ultimate has 5 forms giving a lot of flexibility
  • Helps support the main damage dealers on the team
  • She also helps recover HP for the team as a backline character
  • Recovers Energy and grants certain buffs that are useful for the team
  • UR rating character meaning special class and support as well.
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#4 Tamamo no Mae[SSR]

Screenshot 3 2

Also known as the Nine-Talied Fox, Tamamo no Mae comes as an SSR character/hero for your team. She is a mage character with another impressive ultimate.

Hers’ is called “Wrath of the Nine-Tail”. She summons 10 “Fox Fires” around herself which increases the reach and damage of the “Fire Foxes” greatly once this skill is active.

As you keep increasing the level, you can also gain additional summons to help cast the fire foxes. Lvl. 4 resets the cooldown of the Spirit Fire Foxes. A level. 4 Spirit Firefox, which is her active skill, grants you 120% damage, which is a lot! 

The ideal usage of Tamamo no Mae would be to deal damage to backline characters/supports against enemies. Since they will sustain the enemy team, your goal with her would be to eat away their health with her chunky damage skills.

I will sum them up for you so that you get all the points in one place:

  • SSR Hero with great damage-dealing skills
  • Ultimate deals a lot of damage and resets cooldowns for skills at level. 4
  • Active skills deal 120% and 175% damage to enemy heroes
  • Use flower dance to reach the enemy supports and do damage to them

#5 Idun [SSR]

Screenshot 4 1

Idun comes in handy for your team for the sheer reason of Support. Again, I will stress the fact that you need to out-sustain your enemies to do well in this game.

Dealing with damage is fine as long as the heroes in your team can survive. This is where Idul helps you a lot. She is an SSR character who can heal units by a decent amount.

She is also known as the Goddess of Eternal Youth. Since she is a supporting character, you would want to use her at the backline and use heroes like Lucifer as the main frontline damage dealer.

Idun can be acquired for free as a daily login reward. As you can see I used these characters also due to how easily you can get them. Lucifer being the other one on your team

Her ultimate is called “Tree of Life”. Apples drop for the allied heroes that recover their HP and Energy. This scales with the amount of damage she is doing to enemy units.

This skill at level. 4 will grant you HP equivalent to 45% of your attack. To sum it up:

  • She is a great Support unit
  • Grants Buffs and HP Recovery to the team
  • Recovery is based on her damage to enemy units
  • Her “Spirit away” will be used as her main damage dealer skill
  • Great hero to sustain and even out-sustain enemies

Best Team of Top Heroes for Mythic Heroes

Screenshot 5 horz

The list you see above should give you a good idea of who should be on your team. As you may have noticed, there are SSR characters in the team. This does not mean that the team is weak.

I focussed on synergies and proper support instead of rating. having two supports Idun and Nuwa will help the team a lot. One recovers pure energy and HP and the other deals damage and grants large buffs.

Use Nuwa and Idun for backline supports and Buffs.

Lucifer will be your frontline hero who deals large damage to enemies with his flashy actives and ultimate. Use the backline supports in time to sustain him and watch him do work!

The second and third frontline characters/heroes will be Tamamo no Mae and Ganjiang and Moye. Great Damage dealers who complement Lucifer and can do massive damage to enemies while debuffing them. TLDR;

  • 1st Frontline – Lucifer (main damage dealer)
  • 2nd and 3rd Frontlines – Tamamo no Mae and Ganjiang and Moye (Damage dealers/Buffers + Debuffers)
  • 4th and 5th Backlines – Idun and Nuwa (Backline supports with HP and Energy regen + Decent damage)

Take note that this build is active on the date of publication. If this becomes obsolete with time I will try to update the list once again. If there is any mistake in the list, kindly let me know.

I am open to your suggestions and will try to rectify that ASAP.


So what do you think about this list? Feel free to leave your comments. I want you to try out this combination and see for yourself.

The list you see above should be the best or ideal team for you in the current meta of the game. If you want to check out some guides like this one then do visit the latest posts section of our site.

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Feel free to check that out at your leisure. Do you have specific suggestions? You can submit them here. Thanks for reading!

Last Updated on January 28, 2024

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