Borderlands 3 | How to get Dastardly Maggie

How to get the legrdanry jacobs pistol in bl3 ?

How to get dastardly maggie tip 1:

Since this particular weapon is a wordly drop you can farm this from any of the bosses. Make sure you carry any of the Meta vault hunter builds and get to melting bosses.

How to get dastardly maggie tip 2:

This guide on farming involves farming the loot tink boss. We know that they have been nerfed after the recent patch. But there is a workaround for that and you can still get him to spawn. Farm him as much as you want until you get the coveted Dastardly Maggie.

Again Use any of the meta Vault hunter builds to melt him, and you should be done in no time.
Follow This guide to know How to Farm Loot Tink ( Hoarder Tink) post patch.

That will conclude this guide to farm the Dastardly Maggie in BL3. Make the “Loot tink farm” worthwhile, and farm your desired weapons !

Thanks for reading!