Dead Space Remake – How To Beat The Leviathan Boss

Both the original Dead Space and the remake feature the Leviathan as a boss. Below, we’ve provided step-by-step instructions for defeating Dead Space’s Leviathan boss. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing the original Dead Space or the remake; the fundamental approach to defeating the Leviathan is the same in both cases.

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How To Defeat The Leviathan Boss In Dead Space Remake

After defeating the eight Wheezers in Chapter 6, you can go inside Hydroponics’ Food Storage area and try to eliminate the Leviathan. However, things don’t always go as planned, so we’ve provided a full guide below on how to defeat the Leviathan boss in Dead Space.

Dead Space: How to defeat the Leviathan boss

After Chapter 6, there is a giant boss called The Leviathan that must be defeated either by floating in zero gravity in the remake or by jumping across surfaces in the original.

We advise using Stasis to bring containers and floating materials to you before you approach the Leviathan. Using stasis to move the red canisters closer to you will make it easier for you to get them during the battle, which is another smart move.

When you get close enough, the Leviathan will awaken, and when one of its tentacles screams at you, you’ll know it will attack. After this scream, press R3 to accelerate away and avoid the attack.

In order to defeat the Leviathan boss in Dead Space, you must first wait until one of its tentacles attacks before striking the glowing sacs on that tentacle. You can damage the sac with your long-range weaponry, such as the Plasma Cutter or Contact Beam, or you can use Kinesis to move the red canisters that are floating around the area before you hurl them.

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The Leviathan will retreat after its tentacles have sustained enough damage from your shots for it to open its mouth and fire projectiles at Isaac. When its mouth is open, we advise you to attack it with your best long-range weaponry. Contact Beam is the best option here.

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The tentacles will reappear to assault you in the remake if you sufficiently injure the Leviathan’s mouth. The tentacles will also reappear even though there is no gas in the original.

In Dead Space, you must alternate between destroying the mouth and the light sacs on the tentacles when they arise during this final stage of the Leviathan boss battle.

Once the Leviathan is destroyed, go back to Hydroponics to finish Chapter 6.

The Hunter and Leviathan bosses and the Centrifuge challenge return in the Dead Space reboot. Weapon placements, Security Clearance Levels, and updated Trophies & Achievements are new additions.

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Dead Space Remake: About

The Dead Space franchise is focused on a line of video games starting with the release of the first Dead Space, which follows an engineer named Isaac Clarke and the mutated undead horrors that surround him. The games are primarily set in a science fiction universe from the 26th century with settings, weapons, and characters typical of the genre.

The fictional cult religion Unitology and its fervent adherents, who think that information about an extraterrestrial artefact called the Marker is being repressed by the Earth’s government, are a major motif in the games.

Their main objective is to use this Marker to bring about the alleged “convergence” or “unification,” with the Markers serving as the origin of the undead creatures that the protagonists of the series battle. 

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