Dead Space Remake: How To Fix Controller Not Working Issue

The recently released Dead Space Remake has been one of the most-awaited games of the new year. The survival horror gameplay experience has been a joy for players, who have praised it for being innovative and graphical.

However, it is not all good news as the game has suffered severe performance issues and errors since its launch. One of the most peculiar and strange ones has been the controller not functioning for a certain number of players. In that regard, the following guide will help players understand this problem and how to solve it to play Dead Space Remake seamlessly eventually. 

Dead Space Remake - controller not working

Dead Space Remake: What is the controlling not working problem

Firstly, as of now, this issue is only limited to players who are accessing the game on Steam. The game’s developer, Motive, has been trying hard to resolve the problem affecting only a select group of players.

Another strange thing is that those who have purchased Dead Space Remake through Epic Games are not having this problem yet. This is to say that Steam players are desperate to put an end to their troubles quickly to enjoy the game. 

Dead Space Remake: How to Fix controller not working

The first step that players must follow is reverting to the default template of their controller and not the game’s official setup. Then, make sure you go through the below points: 

  • Disconnect all other connections to the controller
  • Open Steam and enter Big Picture Mode, which is indicated by the icon at the top-right of your screen
  • Choose the icon shaped like a gear
  • Get into the Controller tab, and in the settings, make sure you have the controller turned on 
  • Get back to the Big Picture menu and select Library
  • Click on the game (Dead Space) and go to Manage game
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Dead Space Remake - controller solve

Here, you will have to configure the controller, which will bring up the different Templates through the Browse Configs option. Choose Gamepad, and your problem should be solved. Nevertheless, if you see that the issue still persists, players may have to stop their Steam App for the game, causing the glitch. To do this, do the following:

  • Open Steam and head to the Library
  • Get into Properties and select the Controller option
  • You can disable steam input via the setting below, “Override for Dead Space.”
  • Launch Steam again

For players on Xbox, you can try to remove all controller key bindings before restarting the game. Ignore the bindings that cannot be removed as they are skipped independently. Your controllers should be working perfectly alright now. 

Thus, that is all the information players will need when it comes to resolving the controller not working problem. It can be one of the most irritating issues for a gamer, and with Dead Space Remake still in its early days, players should get the solution quickly. The methods as mentioned earlier have been listed as successful for several players on official groups and chat forums, so you should be in safe hands with these steps. 

Last Updated on February 1, 2023

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