Dead Space Remake: How To Fix No Sound And Audio Issues

The release of Dead Space Remake is doing the rounds in the gaming community with great graphics and immersive gameplay. It was hyped as one of the prominent early launches of 2023 and has been up to the mark in this aspect. There have been some significant areas of concern for several users, causing a severe downgrade in their game playing.

These issues include low FPS, stuttering and lagging, crashing upon start, and more. One of the stranger problems has been the no audio while playing, which has led to silence in between. In that regard, the following guide will help players resolve this pesky problem.

Dead Space Remake - no sound problem

Dead Space Remake: What are the sound issues 

There are several instances of players complaining on official chat forums and social media that they cannot listen to the audio. This has led to a severe fall in the game-playing experience, with players looking for solutions.

That is why the players have employed several methods to deal with this problem. This is a common problem for newly launched games, and Dead Space Remake is no different. 

Dead Space Remake: How to Fix no sound or audio problem

As listed above, there are some solutions that different players can use, and they are given below: 

Fixes for Wired headphones

There are many games where this has been a persistent problem using wireless headphones. Even wired headphones with a USB outlay can cause the absence of audio during Dead Space Remake. That is why it is best to go for 3.5mm wired headphones. This was also the case surrounding Elden Ring, and it was solved when players switched to wired headphones after a few gaming sessions. 

Turn on Playback Enhancements

While these are disabled, they can cause no sound in games, including Dead Space Remake. That is why players should:

  • Go to the Sound setting
  • Choose Playback tab
  • In Playback devices, right-click, and when Properties come up, turn on Enhancements.
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Dead Space Remake - no audio issue fix

Choose the correct Audio Output.

Players can often plug in the wrong audio output, which picks up some other device, especially while using headphones. You can check the same by: 

  • Right-click on the speaker icon present on your taskbar to open the Sound settings 
  • In the ensuing menu, choose the correct output device from which you want the sound to play for the game

Turn off Spatial Sound/Windows Sonic

The Spatial Sound and Windows Sonic feature is greatly patchy nowadays, so players are advised to avoid it altogether. 

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Upgrade audio drivers

It is always best to keep the audio settings updated as much as possible whenever they come up. This is because not only do the games run better, your overall system functions much smoother as well. While any problems with the audio of Dead Space Remake should be resolved pretty quickly, if it persists, there is another area of concern. 

Check the format of the Playback device.

You may have to check the settings to make sure your playback device has the correct device through the below steps: 

  • Open up the Sounds setting by right-clicking on the speaker icon on your taskbar
  • Choose Default playback device and right-click to bring the Properties tab
  • Click on Advanced and change the format to 16bit, 48000 Hz (DVD Quality), or 24-bit 96000 Hz

Thus, that is all the information players will need to understand how to solve the no-sound issue of Dead Space Remake. It can even take a combination of the methods above to make it work personally for you. Additionally, ensure that you are doing the basics and that your system requirements are well met. 

Last Updated on February 1, 2023

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