Destiny 2 | Best Weapons and Materials for Witch Queen

This guide will show how to prepare for Witch Queen and includes the best weapons and materials to go for. Here is everything you need to prepare for The Witch Queen.

This guide shows the weapons you need and also has the materials which will come in handy. All G-rolls mentioned in this guide are purely my opinion. 

Best Weapons & Materials to Prepare for Witch Queen

Best Weapons


This might be the best DPS in Witch Queen when paired with Gjallahorn. You can grab it in next week’s nightfall. God-Roll: You could go with Demo instead of Field Prep for the extra reload from grenade. Also as far as I know, Explosive Light does not work with Gjallarhorn. So Clown Cart is your best option. It makes for amazing Burst DPS.

Deafening Whisper

It’s the only non-sunset Wave Grenade Launcher, it’s amazing for Ad-Clear in PvE and Pretty Good in PvP. You can get it by focusing umbrals on ‘Tools of The Hunt’. God-Roll: Lead for Gold in the 3rd column and Unrelenting in the 4th are also good!

Wolftone Draw

It’s one of the best Legendary bows, that are easy to get. You can get it by focusing umbrals on ‘Wayfinder’s Precision’. God-Roll: There are a lot of God rolls. Shoot2Loot + Dragonfly is a very cool combo.

Hung Jury

It’s a really good scout that will be useful in WQ due to anti-barrier scout. It’s a great alternative for DMT if you don’t want to use up the exotic spot. You can get it in next week’s nightfall. In my opinion, Vouchsafe is better but it is very hard to get its god-roll.

You could try your luck though. You can farm it via The Blind Well Event. God-Roll: Surplus is good in the 3rd column and One For All in the 4th also great.

Dead Man’s Tale

The one and the only! It’ll be quite cracked in PvE next season for both anti-barrier and the 40% buff against red-bars for exotic primaries. God-Roll: Subsistence, Outlaw & Vorpal are also good in the 3rd column.

Useful Materials

Paraversal Hauls

These are only required if you do not plan on playing the new WQ Campaign, but it’s nice to stock up on them as the new soft cap is high, and these help you get there faster.

Enhancement Cores & Upgrade Modules

You’ll be needing the modules for infusion and the cores are extremely important, as from the trailer, we found out that you need cores for weapon crafting, so stock up. Double NF rewards are coming this week so put on “Lesser Core Harvest Vanguard” on your ghost and span Hero/Legend NFs. 

Artifice Armor

Well, not really a material, but it will be extremely useful in Witch Queen. We know that all 25 Seasonal Mods will be unlock-able and usable, and artifice armor is perfect for this. The extra slots might be game-changing. So stock up on some decent pieces. You can get them by doing the new Grasp Of Avarice Dungeon.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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