Destiny 2: How To Fix Captain’s Atlas Bug Issue

Season 18 of Destiny 2 has been off to a good start with players engaging in the pirate-themed game play. I found the title, ‘Season of Plunder’ appropriate, given that there will be a lot of pirates.

Your mission is to take down Eramis, freed from Europa. I have been going through the raids, defeating lords, and earning treasure. However, there has been some hiccups along the way as well so far.

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Players have reported facing issues while completing the Ketchcrash activity or while finishing the Salvage encounter.

One of the key bugs has been the Captain’s Atlas quest, which is crucial to the early progress of players. Therefore, I have listed down the method to bypass the problem for now in the game.

Destiny 2 - Captain's Atlas Bug

Destiny 2: What is the Captain’s Atlas bug?

Players will be going for the H.E.L.M. location named as the Star Chart which has prizes, weapons and armor. In this regard, the Captain’s Atlas is unlocked through the use of Map Fragments from Ketchcrash activity alongside Treasure Coordinates from other events.

However, the bug is affecting players who are trying to get the Atlas. I was stifled when I attempted to bypass the issue, as the game will not let you progress further.

Furthermore, I was confused given that the item was picked up on the screen, but when I checked the Quests tab, I could not find it.

Destiny 2 - How To Get Captain's Atlas

Destiny 2: How to fix Captain’s Atlas issue?

Here are the fixes that Bungie and other players have reported to have worked in solving this issue:

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Bungie has listed the issue on its Known Issues board, so it has been a genuine concern for many players It is advised that you keep your Quest menu not full, and if it is, then empty the inventory before going to the Postmaster for getting the Captain’s Atlas

However, this solution did not work for me so I had to go for another method as I checked the inventory and it was still not there Therefore, you are advised to exit the menu and head to the Postmaster at the H.E.L.M. to get the Atlas as a “Lost Item

This is the fix that solved my problem and the Atlas appeared in the Quest Inventory as normal. While there has been no official patch release for the problem, I was happy to find out that the given methods worked.

Of course, there will be some players who will still be facing the issue and they may want to do over the issue again. Otherwise, there is no choice but to wait for the patch update or some other fixes to come.

Last Updated on February 1, 2024

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  1. So tired of this. Once upon a time you payed for a game and it worked. Nintendo can still pull that off. Pretty sure they are the only ones. What happened to finishing a product before putting it in the market??

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