Saints Row 2022: How To Use The Camera And Take Photos

The 2022 reiteration of Saints Row has been a solid offering with players loving the revamped gang life. I am enjoying traveling around Santo Ileso, completing missions and customizing my character to the fullest.

Indeed, the graphical details are much better than the previous editions. On top of that, the developers have also added the option of fast travel.

I found that fast travel feature to be particularly helpful, and it can be accessed by taking photographs. Furthermore, there are some missions which will need you to take photos for money and XP.

Therefore, I have compiled the following guide to help players understand the mechanics of taking photos and how to make the best of it.

Saints Row 2022 - Smartphone

Saints Row: Using the Photo Mode

The process is not too hard and is available after the opening three missions, titled “First F#@!ing Day,” “Morning Commute,” and “Making Rent,” respectively.

This is because you will now be in exploration mode with the Smartphone at your service. I was particularly impressed with how smoothly the Smartphone operated in taking photos, changing character appearances, and playing Missions.

Here’s how to access the Smartphone and Camera app through the various consoles:

  • PC: Press Tab for Smartphone; P for Camera
  • PlayStation: Touchpad for Smartphone; Up on D-Pad for Camera
  • Xbox: Menu button for Smartphone; Up on D-Pad for Camera

Saints Row 2022 - Camera

The following steps will help players master your photography skills in the game:

  • After I opened the Camera app, I used the Mouse Wheel up and down to zoom in or out. The same was achieved by using the triggers on the respective consoles
  • While this took me some time to understand, I finally managed to clean the HUD which allowed me to take cleaner and sharper images through the R button on PC, Square on PS, and X on Xbox.
  • The final step of clicking the pictures can be done by Spacebar on PC, X on PS, and A on Xbox.
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As mentioned above, photos can be part of missions as well. Here, you will have to be at the accurate distance from the object before centering the camera to get the perfect picture.

Additionally, you will get XP for the image, and even allow fast travel soon. This is immensely helpful to quickly get around town in the future.

Thus, that is all the information I have for using the Camera in Saints Row for taking pictures. It is a very useful tool to have over the course of the game.

Given that the game has certain resemblances to GTA franchise, the value of a Smartphone cannot be disregarded either.

Last Updated on August 27, 2022

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