Destiny 2: How To Get And Use Caliban’s Hand Exotic Armor

The following guide will help players in knowing Caliban’s hand armor in Destiny 2 and tell all about its exclusive powers. 

Destiny 2 - Caliban's Hand

Destiny 2: How to get Caliban’s Hand Exotic Arms

The sole way to get your hands on this special piece of equipment is to finish the activities present in the Legend and Master Lost Sectors as a solo Hunter.

These sectors give the prizes of Exotic armor pieces, though the Legendary levels are easier to get through in the game. Likewise, players who think they will get an Exotic armor piece every time will be disappointed as there is no such guarantee.

So you have to keep going through the gauntlets in the hopes of earning Caliban’s Hand.

There are 11 Lost Sectors available, alongside the ever-changing helmet, chest, gauntlet, and leg Exotics. Every day, you will have the chance to play a brand new Legend and/or Master Lost Sector.

The best part is it can be done again and again as many times as you want to try and win the required prizes. Therefore, players will need to hold their horses as they go through the multiple tries to get Caliban’s Hand and then use it in the game. 

Destiny 2 - Caliban's Hand Perks

Destiny 2: Caliban’s Hand Perks and Features

Hunters using Caliban’s Hand will get the “Roast ‘Em” Exotic perk which will better the damage inflicted through the Proximity Knife.

The Proximity Knife burns up enemies it touches through explosions or the targets catch fire after getting struck. Furthermore, Hunters will get better regeneration in melee fights till the time the Proximity Knife bursts on the opponents.

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This is one of the many Exotic armor pieces that players will have access to to build the best Hunter Solar 3.0 molds in the game.

The Proximity Knife will still go boom, but the other effects will disappear if you do not have this Exotic piece. Additionally, you should look to also have Fragments like Torchers, Singeing, Searing, and others. These have many benefits:

  • Getting the Class Ability back to full after targets are struck
  • Do the same with the Proximity Knife after it does its job
  • Apply radiant effect on hit targets
  • Increase the radiant effect alongside the hits 

All of it is even more important in the Duality dungeon, where players can be thankful for having Caliban’s Hand with them.

However, there have been problems regarding the deployment of Caliban’s Hand. It is said to not always light up the enemies in the game, which can mean it is a bit tricky to master in the early phases. Nevertheless, you should keep at it to unlock its full force and use it to obliterate your opponents. 

Last Updated on January 11, 2024

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