Destiny 2 – How To Get Disciple Slayer Seal/Title (Detailed Guide)

For all the completionists, Title/Seal chasers, and/or competent guardians, The Disciple Slayer Title or Seal is the one to go for in Destiny 2. Why you may ask? Well, this title includes the Vow of The Disciple raid along with a lot of rewards.

Disciple Slayer is enjoyable, tough, and tedious at the same time to get and complete in Destiny 2. That is because there are some challenges that will need you to sweat it out a bit and some will complete on their own.

In this guide, I will share my own experience, as well as guide you through the entire seal progression and completion so that you can also own the coveted Disciple Slayer seal in the game. I am by no means an expert, and this is just my point of view on the raid and challenges.

Vow of The Disciple Seal Guide

Destiny 2 – How To Get Disciple Slayer Seal/Title (Detailed Guide)

I will list down each challenge, and how you can complete them in the easiest possible way. I will also share my personal experience in completing each of them if they are applicable to the disciple slayer seal. Let us take a look…

Raid: Vow of The Disciple

  • Get trophies from the Vow of The Disciple Raid in the Throne World.

The way to check your progress in this one is to go to collections > Look for Throne world collector badge > check the progress there. You need to get all the loot for at least one of your classes in the Throne World. Do not worry about getting all of them done.

Throne world collector

Vow of the Disciple

  • Complete the “Vow of the Disciple” raid.

Pretty self-explanatory as you can see from the description.

Master Difficulty: “Vow of the Disciple”

  • Complete the “Vow of the Disciple” raid on Master difficulty

This should not be hard as long as you know what to do and have a good knowledge of champion spawns in the game. Here is the champion splits as far as I can remember:

  • 1st Encounter – Overload Chieftains and Unstoppable Ogres
  • 2nd Encounter – Overloads
  • 3rd Encounter – Glyphkeepers are Unstops and Overloads
  • 4th Encounter – Glyphkeepers are Unstops and Overloads

Clan Fieldtrip

  • Complete the “Vow of the Disciple” raid with a full fireteam of clanmates.

These days, even if you do not have a clan, you can still complete this from LFG groups by either joining or making a temporary or makeshift clan will work fine.

Together in the Deep

  • Complete all raid encounters with a fireteam made entirely of the same Guardian class.

The best guardian class in the current meta of the game are warlocks. I find them quite all-around for all high-level activities. Nonetheless, It works here as well

Dark Charge

  • Complete all raid encounters with a fireteam made entirely of Arc subclasses.

Usually, people go for Arc Titans because you can do a lot of DPS with the cuirass of the falling stars and thunder crash. Also, you can complete two challenges with this tactic.

Dark Flame

  • Complete all raid encounters with a fireteam made entirely of Solar subclasses.

Quite easy and self-explanatory and you can do this just by using solar subclass with different classes as well.

Dark Abyss

  • Complete all raid encounters with a fireteam made entirely of Void subclasses.

Swift Destruction

  • Complete the “Swift Destruction” challenge.

Kill all Champions at the same time (within a few seconds from each other), on all rounds. This is the First encounter challenge and doing it can be tricky. Usually, people call out the champs and kill them together.

On My Go

  • Only kill Abated Adherents when they’ve started attacking an Obelisk in Acquisition.

Do not kill the Scorn enemies named Abated Adherent until they begin shooting at the Obelisk in the middle of the encounter area. A neat way of noticing this is if you see the bottom left of your screen, you should see “obelisk under attack”. This is when you know that you need to kill the Adherents.

Base Information

  • Complete the “Base Information” challenge.

Only pick up one (1) stack of Knowledge (Glyph) per run. Usually, the two people running are the most important here. They should be in sync with each other to ensure that they are picking up one symbol when they go in. It is as simple as that.

Handle With Care

  • Defeat the Caretaker while having every member of your fireteam stun it at least once per floor.

All six members of your fireteam will have to stun the Caretaker by shooting the box on his back once it opens. This must be done on each of the encounter’s three different floors.

How I did this was we assigned each person a number, and called it out once we were done Stunning. One person aggroed caretaker and kept stunning him. This way, we made sure that all of us got it down in time.

Defenses Down

  • Complete the “Defenses Down” challenge.

To complete the Base Information challenge, you must complete the Exhibition encounter with no one killing more than one shielded Disciple’s Hourglass Knight. This is the Taken Knight that you kill with the Darkness Laser to extend the encounter timer.

You can follow the given split in order to make this possible.

RoomPlayer 1Player 2Player 3Player 4Player 5Player 6
ADarkness Laser     
B Darkness Laser Templar Shield  
CEye of Riven Darkness Laser Templar Shield 
D Eye of Riven Darkness Laser Templar Shield

Glyph to Glyph

  • Kill each set of Glyphkeepers in Exhibition within 5 seconds of each other.

In this challenge, you need to kill the Glyphkeepers within 5 seconds of each other. If it exceeds that, the challenge fails.

Again, a simple rule of calling it out and timing the kills should make this challenge easy. Just get them down to health and get ready to call out the kills. The Glyphkeepers that spawn during the Exhibition encounter must be killed nearly simultaneously.

Looping Catalyst

  • Complete the “Looping Catalyst” challenge.

This is the final boss or Rhulk challenge. The strategy for this challenge is pretty straightforward and is one of the quicker ways to complete the Symbols Phase of the encounter.

You will want to designate four Fireteam members to be responsible for working with the buff. The other two members can focus on add clear and symbol callouts. Using the chart below, we’ll break down each role based on their color, as well as an example phase.

  • Assign two splitters and two dunkers (Split 1 and 2 & Dunk 1 and 2)
  • Split 2 starts off the challenge by shooting the big crux in the middle.
  • Split 1 then shoots either right or left and Dunk 1 shoots the other side.
  • Then Split 1 stands on the plate and shares the Buff with Split 2 and Dunk 2.

Repeat this process in every phase and you will be done with the “Looping Catalyst” challenge.

Symmetrical Energy

  • Any energy deposit in Dominion must be accompanied by another deposit within 5 seconds.

Depositing energy during the final boss fight must be done almost simultaneously. This is the usual way people do it anyways so I highly doubt that you will miss this challenge. It is simply dunking the buffs within 5 seconds of each other.

Pyramid Conqueror

  • Complete all encounter challenges on Master difficulty.

This requires you to complete challenges on master difficulty. This can be tough to do if you do not have the correct build for it. I used a nuke warlock to do all my master challenges since warlocks are well-rounded in the current meta of the game

Secrets of the Sunken Pyramid

  • Loot hidden chests in the “Vow of the Disciple” raid.

There are two hidden chests to be found in the raid.

“Vow of the Disciple” Lore Book Unlocks

  • Unlock the “Vow of the Disciple” lore book.

These lore entries can be found by completing other challenges or by completing the “Preservation” mission in the Throne World and listening to Rhulk’s lore musings by interacting with podiums in the mission.

  • You need to stand or melee the first two symbols.
  • Interact with the 3rd symbol.
  • Shoot the 4th symbol.

Do this 10 times and lore book entries should be done. Along with the triumph, you will also get a cool ghost shell.

Those are all the challenges and triumphs you need to complete in Destiny 2 to get the Disciple Slayer Title or Seal. If you have any doubts regarding any step, do let me know in the comments below.

Last Updated on August 5, 2022

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