Destiny 2: Lightfall – Duality Loot Table And Dungeon Rewards

The following article describes all the Destiny 2 Duality loot tables and dungeon rewards for the exacting Duality dungeons such as Heartshadow, Artifice Armor, and The Epicurean.

Many loot-hungry Guardians are thinking primarily about the Destiny 2 Duality loot table and dungeon rewards. The Epicurean, Lingering Dread, and Unforgiven, as well as potent Artifice Armor, are among the finest and most well-liked weaponry currently available in the game that can be found in the Duality dungeon loot table.

Therefore, the Destiny 2 Duality loot chart and prizes will be of interest to those of you who are ready to take on the dungeon task.

The Duality loot table and awards have some of the finest PvE and PvP weaponry in Destiny 2, despite the fact that there are many fantastic locations to choose from. Furthermore, you can even acquire Destiny 2 Artifice Armor.

Destiny 2: Lightfall – Duality Loot Table And Dungeon Rewards

Here is the Destiny 2 Duality loot table:

  • Duality helmet (Gahlran)
  • Heartshadow (Calus’s Greatest Shame)
  • The Epicurean (Gahlran)
  • Unforgiven (Vault)
  • Duality arms (Gahlran)
  • Stormchaser (Vault)
  • Lingering Dread (Gahlran)
  • Duality legs (Gahlran)
  • Duality arms (Vault)
  • Any Duality weapon or armor (Calus’s Greatest Shame)
  • New Purpose (Calus’s Greatest Shame)
  • Fixed Odds (Calus’s Greatest Shame)
  • Duality class item (Vault)
  • Duality chest armor (Vault)

Destiny 2 - Lightfall - Duality Dungeon missions

The Epicurean void fusion weapon and the Unforgiven void SMG are just two of the great items to find on the Destiny 2 Duality treasure table. What’s more, the Duality Master level dungeon treasure table even has versions of Artifice Armor that come with an additional complimentary character mod.

Destiny 2: Lightfall – Heartshadow

The Calus’s Greatest Shame fight in the Duality treasure table rewards the player with an Exotic Void blade called the Heartshadow for their efforts.

You will become invisible and launch exploding Void missiles with heavy strikes while at maximum blade energy. A target struck by projectiles from the Void while this effect is active will be weakened, and damage will be enhanced for a brief period of time while invisible.

Destiny 2: Lightfall – The Epicurean god roll

A Void fusion weapon called the Epicurean can be obtained in Destiny 2’s Duality dungeon treasure table from the Gahlran or Calus’s Greatest Shame fights.

The ingredients for the Epicurean god roll will be Surplus, Swashbuckler, Smallbore, and Accelerated Coils. As soon as Swashbuckler is engaged, you’ll be firing rapidly and causing massive damage.

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Destiny 2: Lightfall – Stormchaser god roll

The Duality dungeon treasure table’s Vault or Calus’s Greatest Shame events grant access to the Destiny 2 Stormchaser, an Arc linear fusion weapon.

Auto-Loading Holster, Firing Line, Fluted Barrel, and Enhanced Battery make up the Stormchaser god roll. As long as you’re playing with other people, this is an excellent boss-damage firearm because of the Auto-Loading Holster and Firing Line.

Destiny 2: Lightfall – Fixed Odds god roll

Destiny 2’s Calus’s Greatest Shame encounter in the Duality dungeon treasure table reveals the Solar machine gun called Fixed Odds, which is called a Solar machine gun.

Killing Tally, Field Preparation, Smallbore, and Tactical Mag will be the god rolls with Fixed Odds. Incandescent can take the role of Killing Tally if you’re using Solar, though. In the same way, Firing Line is a suitable substitute for Killing Tally if you’re playing with a squad.

Destiny 2 - Lightfall - Duality Dungeon loot table

Destiny 2: Lightfall – New Purpose god roll

The Destiny 2 Duality treasure chart lists New Purpose as a Stasis pulse weapon that can be obtained from the Calus’s Greatest Shame fight.

Desperado, Heating Up, Arrowhead Brake, and High-Caliber Rounds are God rolls for a New Purpose. Swapping Desperado for Headstone is another excellent choice if you’re using Stasis.

Destiny 2: Lightfall – Lingering Dread god roll

The Lingering Dread is a well-known unique Stasis grenade weapon found in the Destiny 2 Duality treasure table and obtained from the Gahlran or Calus’s Greatest Shame fights.

Keep a watch out for the following Lingering Dread deity rolls: Disorienting Grenades, Chill Clip, Auto-Loading Holster, and Quick Launch. Both in PvP and PvE, this has the potential to deal some very significant harm.

Destiny 2: Lightfall – Unforgiven god roll

In the Destiny 2 Duality treasure table, the Unforgiven is a Void SMG that can be obtained from the Vault or Calus’s Greatest Shame events.

Demolitionist, Golden Tricorn, Smallbore, and High-Caliber Rounds comprise the unforgivable deity roll. Due to the fantastic roll made possible by Demolitionist and Golden Tricorn, this firearm excels in both PvE and PvP.

That concludes the information on the Destiny 2 Duality loot table and awards that you should be aware of before entering this level. To increase your odds of success, make sure you are equipped with the finest Titan, Warlock, or Hunter builds for Destiny 2.

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Last Updated on March 21, 2023

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