Destiny 2: Prolonged Engagement God Rolls (PvP and PvE)

The new season of Destiny 2 has been generating a lot of buzz, and rightly so, given how the action-packed gameplay and the powerful the weapons are. Season of the Seraph has been a welcome addition to the catalog, with a revamped dungeon called the Spire of the Watcher and brand-new Heist Battlegrounds. The Ambush Origin Trait is also introduced, which can be a game-changer for various weapons that could benefit from enhanced stats.

There are several categories of weapons that players can choose from, with the Legendary subclass being one of the most powerful. This is where the Prolonged Engagement comes in: a sub-machine gun (SMG) coupled with a great rate of fire and Stasis feature. The following guide will help players get the Prolonged Engagement, and the best god rolls for PvP and PvE combat.

Destiny 2 - Season of the Seraph - Prolonged Engagement

Destiny 2 – How to get the Prolonged Engagement

The 900RPM SMG is a power-packed weapon that can be gotten by finishing off Vanguard Strikes and Nightfall playlists, given that there is a reward for a weapon with any perk. These are the realm of Commander Zavala and players can better their luck by using the Prosperity mod on your Ghost.

After Lightfall starts, everyone will have the chance to get the Prolonged Engagement through the Vanguard Engrams. Additionally, you can use the weapon to finish off enemies or go through the Champions.

There are many advantages to using Prolonged Engagement, especially with the choice of 24 perks across the third and fourth columns. It carries the Veist Stinger Origin Trait which refills your magazine by a small margin and increases your mobility if you strike targets.

The other choice for the Origin Trait is the Vanguard’s Vindication which rewards you with small amounts of health after landing finishing hits.

The SMG’s primary stats are also extremely powerful, as shown below:

  • Reload Speed: 29
  • Magazine: 36
  • Handling: 68
  • Impact: 15
  • Range: 25
  • Stability: 46

Destiny 2 - Season of the Seraph - Prolonged Engagement stats

Destiny 2 – What are the god rolls of Prolonged Engagement


There are a lot of choices across all columns for Prolonged Engagement, meaning players will have a lot of choices. For the barrel, you should opt for the Arrowhead Brake, which reduces recoil and improves handling, with +15 and +10, respectively. Regarding the magazine, players cannot have a problem with Ricochet Rounds that boots your Stability (+10) and Range (+5).

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When it comes to perks, there is a myriad of choices, but the first choice has to be Subsistence which fills up your magazine by 17% every time you defeat enemies. The fourth column perk goes to Target Lock, which will improve the damage inflicted the more you keep fixed on an enemy during battles.


The advanced nature of Prolonged Engagement in the PvE setting does not mean its capabilities are reduced in PvP combat. Regarding the barrel, the decisive choice remains the Arrowhead Brake, but this time, there’s a decent shout-out for Smallbore, which betters your Stability (+7) and Range (+7) for closer battles in PvP.

Destiny 2 - Season of the Seraph - Prolonged Engagement god rolls

Players should go for Flared Magwell, which improves Reload Speed (+15) and Stability (+5), or Appended Mag, which increases the capacity of your magazine. Once again, there are many choices for the perks.

The third column perk can remain Subsistence, but you will be better off with Outlaw or Dynamic Sway Reduction. The former lowers your reload time substantially once you get precision strikes, while the latter improves accuracy and stability when you keep on the trigger. The benefit of going for Dynamic Sway Reduction is that you do not have to change Target Lock as the fourth column perk, given that you will be keeping your finger on the trigger.

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the Prolonged Engagement and its god rolls. There are many options at your disposal, so you can take your time to find the best combination for your playing style.

Last Updated on December 14, 2022

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