Destiny 2: How To Get The Scallywag Seasonal Seal

The ever-growing presence of Destiny 2 fans has taken a boost with the release of Season 18. Bungie has seemingly hit the jackpot with its pirate-based play and overall pirate theme.

Therefore, it is appropriately titled, Season of Plunder. I have got my hands on some weapons and they are a ton of fun to use in the new Seasonal Challenges.

Apart from weapons and armor, there is also a new Seasonal Seal for players to get.

It is called ‘Scallywag,’ keeping up with the pirates and involves you finishing all 10 Seasonal Triumphs. That may seem like a tall order for some so I have compiled the best way to get through every Triumph in the game below. 

Destiny 2 - Scallywag Seal

Destiny 2: Getting the Seasonal Seal Scallywag

Firstly, it will not be all smooth sailing in your quest to get the seal. While, the missions are not as difficult as some in the previous seasons, the Scallywag is a solid test nonetheless.

There are Triumphs where you really have to persist and farm items that will take patience and time. Others will be completed in a short span of time. 

Destiny 2: Savior of the Seven Seas

Aim: Defeat all pirate bosses present in all the pirate locations. 

Players will have to complete the introductory mission of ‘Salvage and Salvation’ that sets you on your way to Ketchcrash and using the Star Chart. 

  • Now keep on clearing the respective quests to get pieces of the Treasure Map which are 50 coordinates and five Map Fragments
  • I pooled it all together with the Captain’s Atlas loot too gotten from Ketchcrash to start off Expedition 
  • After finishing that, you will receive a treasure chest which can be unlocked with Treasure Maps 
  • The reward is the location of that week’s pirate base where you then go and defeat the group.

Players can keep attempting many places in a week but the completion will be tracked one per week.

Destiny 2: With Full Sails

Aim: Get all upgraded (Repute) items from the Star Chart at the H.E.LM.

  • There are 21 Reputes to get by the end of the season
  • Players have to unlock all of them in order to get the required number of upgraded items. 

Destiny 2: Semaphore Signals

Aim: Hear messages on the radio inside the Ether Tank.

You will have to get to the outside of the Eliksni Quarter where there is a radio booth. Simply listen to the messages being broadcasted each week after finishing your weekly quest. 

Destiny 2 - Completing Triumphs

Destiny 2: Beacon’s Guidance

Aim: Get Treasure Beacons and unlock locations of hidden treasure.

It is pretty straightforward as all you have to do is participate in the Seasonal activities which will help you climb up the Savvy at the Star Chart which rewards you with Treasure Beacons. 

  • Small: from rank 7
  • Medium: from rank 10
  • Large: from rank 16

Having received all of them, go after the clues they provide to get to your treasure. 

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Destiny 2: Crew’s Control

Aim: Call upon every crewmate who has played as your first-mate during Ketchcrash and Expedition activities. 

  • While playing both of them, you will come across flags 
  • On the other side, collecting Reputes and unlocking the upgrades at the Star Chart which will provide you with crewmates
  • Therefore, a minimum of three Reputes is needed to get three crewmates. 

However, the main kicker of this Triumph is that you have to call upon each crew member a minimum of 15 times during a battle. So, it will require some time to get done. 

Destiny 2: Crash Course

Aim: Finish Ketchcrash while playing at Master level difficulty.

No other way to put it, this will be one big, ugly time as it is impossible to get it done on the first try. Therefore, players will need some really solid teammates and keep at it till they are done which will take a while. 

Destiny 2: Scourge of Themis Cluster

Aim: Slay all the three pirate bosses found within Ketchcrash.

It can be done only on a weekly basis where you have to defeat the three bosses present in Ketchcrash every week. They are given pirate puns as names like Aye-I, Ransaak, and Skifix. Additionally, once you are done through all three, they respawn in a new order. 

Destiny 2: Fabulous Wealth

Aim: Deposit Exotic Engrams to the treasure haul while playing Expeditions.

  • They can hold up to 200 Engrams so players will have to keep on mustering through in order to finish the triumph. 

Destiny 2 - Getting Triumphs Done

Destiny 2: Robber Baron

Aim: Take down Ruffians. 

They are present with Expeditions Playlist and come up during the first or second rounds of Expedition. 

  • These are larger and more powerful bosses that show up when the specific round is about 75-80% through by getting the treasure to the haul
  • Just remain alert of your surroundings and you will be able to spot them come up
  • You simply have to defeat them before the round gets over
  • I had difficulty in during the Matchmaking session as the team was not on the same wavelength at often times which can be tricky
  • Once you get through clearing some of them, the Triumph will get over on its own.

As mentioned already, Ruffians will come up on their own so you do not need to do anything extra. 

Destiny 2: Salty Smith

Aim: Build every new weapon present in the Season of Plunder.

These include: 

  • Blood Feud
  • No Reprieve 
  • Planck’s Stride
  • Brigand’s Law
  • Tarnished Mettle
  • Sailspy Pitchglass

Players have to journey to The Enclave on Mars where you will require to have the red-border or Deepsight variants of each weapon in order to craft them. They are available as random drops through different activities. 

  • Once you craft a weapon, the patterns needs five Deepsight variations
  • You will get one from the Engrams given by The Spider each week. 

Thus, once you get through all of the Triumphs, you are ready to receive the Scallywag seal.

No doubt, it is a time consuming seal, but still better than the last season. Players will be completing most of them through the general gameplay itself as well. 

Last Updated on September 9, 2022

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