Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R: All About All-Star Battle Mode

The popularity of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has hit an all-time peak with the release of the latest iteration. The All-Star Battle R game has brought back all the favorites from over the classic Manga series.

The experience has been made even better with its power-packed offline features to compliment the online game play. The main single-player journey is called the All-Star Battle Mode which has been tailored for veterans and newcomers.

As I was new to this franchise, I found this option particularly helpful to know about the background of the game and action to get my knowledge up.

In that regard, I have compiled the following guide which gives all the details for this section. 

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: What to know about the All-Star Battle Mode

There are many benefits of playing the All-Star Battle mode. You will be required to finish a set quantity of manga panels which contains the most epic battles. Having completed them, you move onto the specific boss panels. 

  • After coming out victorious on the other side, there are many features to be gotten
  • However, the main prize is the gold that players can spend on music, art pieces, tons of customization features from the in-game shop
  • To keep the game even more interesting, there are particular stuff which you can receive through this mode itself
  • The final benefit is the exchanging of gold for items of supports during battles. 

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R – What are the panels?

As mentioned above, players have to go through panels in order fight bosses and win prizes. You will find them of three kinds: 

  • Normal panels: The most common panels, which are green in color, and have the most classic matches
  • Extra panels: They feature dream matches which consists of characters across universes and story lines, represented by purple
  • Boss panels: Being the finale of the panels, they are gold in color, and contain the main bosses. However, you will have to finish a set number of panels to unlock them. 

Additionally, each panel contains even more details to know about them such as: 

  • What is the Match-Up of the characters
  • How many Secret Missions are present in the panel
  • What is the Difficulty level
  • If there are any Special Rules 
  • What is the Panel type (can also be checked through the color)
  • Is there any character to Assist you
  • What are the Prizes you can win for the panel

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R - All-Star Battle Mode Abilities

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R – All about Special Rules

There are a number of special rules in the game that apply to matches. These are as follows: 

  • Increase/Decrease: Opponent’s attack/defence
  • HH Gauge of opponents get filled again
  • Increase/Decrease: Your attack/defence
  • Win inside 60 counts
  • The health of opponents get filled rapidly all throughout the battle

These can be for both opponents and/or players, alongside some rules which are for some characters only. 

  • Avdol: Your fire damage is lowered
  • Kars: Ultimate Thing Mode is where your fight begins
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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R – All about Support Effects

I had problems during the early battles as I was losing a lot. The battles seemed too hard, and that is when the the help of Support Effects came in. As their name suggests, they will support you during matches. There are two ways to prep them: 

  • Before the battle: open the Menu and choose your effects
  • After a defeat: select “Retry with Support Effect”

Players will come across a range of Support Effects in the specified menu. You can choose a maximum of three, including two of the same kind but different strengths. However, in that case, only the effect which is set to effect more is in function. 

Support EffectWhat it doesGold
Miasma of the VoidHealth of opponent goes down significantly1,00 gold
The Strong Arm Of A Shining DiamondYou are better equipped to crush guard with attacks.400 gold
Moody’s Jazz ReplayAny battle effect gets activated.1,000 gold
Tiny Feet Shrinks Its OpponentsOpponent’s attack gets lower.500 gold
Take The Freeway Thru HellThere’s a little reduction in the health of opponent.500 gold
Reimi’s Sugimoto’s WarningTwo bars of HH Gauge to begin battle.500 gold
600 Armor Piercing Rounds Per MinuteGuarding from crush very easily through attacks.600 gold
Master Wielding AnubisPlayer’s attack is improved.500 gold
Cloud SuitPlayer’s defense is improved.500 gold
The Mysterious Stone MaskPlayer’s attack/defense is gotten better.900 gold
Get Comfy With Pole JamWith time, you get back your heath.2,000 gold
Set’s Reverse AgingA reduction in opponent’s health.500 gold
Highway Go Go’s Nutrient AbsorptionOpponent’s attack/defense gets lowered.900 gold
Zeppeli’s Soul, Entrusted To The FutureYou will have HH Gauge at max before beginning the fight.750 gold
Thankful DeathOpponent keeps losing health as battle goes on to come down to 1.1,500 gold
Boys Man Man Steals the AdvantageOpponent does have not have access to HHA and GHA.750 gold
Keep Tapping With Arts & Craft’s FingerYou will get refill of HH Gauge as time progresses.1,000 gold

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R - All-Star Battle Mode

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R – All about Secret Missions

As their name suggests, the secret missions are hidden inside every battle which you can complete on your own.

Players are able to see the number of secret missions by following key-shaped icons. The prizes for finishing these include gold, art, and much more. 

  • However, the main issue is that you will now know what the secret missions entail
  • I found them only after inadvertently completing them and the screen flashed with a message
  • On the other hand, you can also unlock what are the secret missions for 250 Gold each
  • The secret missions can include stuff like who does what attack, any specific parameter during battles, and other such stuff. 

Thus, that is seemingly all about the All-Star mode. It has some of the most fascinating encounters in the game, and include waves of nostalgia. Players young and old will have a gala time going through the different features and new environment. 

Last Updated on September 11, 2022

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