Digimon Survive: How To Spot Real Agumon And Others In Part 5

The introduction of a choice-based system in Digimon Survive has surely helped in its gaining popularity. Players have to consider their decisions carefully as each of them has a different outcome in the game.

You are faced with one such dilemma in Part 5 when asked to listen to either Shuuji or Minoru regarding the joining of Haru and Miyuki on the journey.

Though the siblings will eventually join up as you move on to the underground waterway, the next choices come soon after. The following guide will help players in understanding the problems of duplicity and how to solve it in Digimon Survive. 

Digimon Survive - Real Agumon

Digimon Survive: What happens in the underground waterway?

Once the group reaches the underground waterway, there is a mysterious fog all around them which will knock them unconscious in no time.

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When Takuma (you) wake up, you will be by yourself and have to find the rest of the group. On your journey, you will encounter Agumon.

While this is initially thought to be good news, it will soon be clear that Agumon, alongside the other Digimons, has a copy and you have to select your original partner between the pair. 

Digimon Survive: How to spot the real Agumon

Players will encounter the fake Agumon a few times, before finding themselves in a room with both Agumons. Here’s how to spot the real one: 

  • You will have to observe how the Agumons talk, which will be a clear indication as to who the real one is. 
  • Furthermore, you will also be assisted by the clue that one Agumon appears darker than the other, which is how you can choose the Agumon on the right as the real one. 

Digimon Survive: How to spot the real Labramon

Once you have found the Agumon, there is the next step of looking for Seadramon in the tunnels again. You will meet Aoi, and here’s how the two of you can find the real Labramon: 

  • The two Labramons appear similar but one of them loves Aoi very much is the clue that will help you. 
  • Therefore, with the help of the hint, players will once again find the real Labramon on the right
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Digimon Survive - Real Labramon

Digimon Survive: How to spot the real Floramon

After Seadramon leaves, you will come across Saki, who is sad after a fake Floramon insults him. The steps to recognize the real one are: 

  • Saki will be told that the real Floramon always forgives the secrets of everyone
  • Thus, it will be clear that the Digimon players are looking for is to the left, but there will once again be a fight with Seadramon before moving back to the tunnels. 
Digimon Survive: How to spot the real Syakomon

Takuma will now chance upon Miu who is also sad that Syakomon admonished her as a loner. Players will have to journey around the tunnels as they will now come across the two Syakomons and have to select the right one. 

  • Having mentioned that the real Syakomon would not have called Miu a loner, you will see that both the Digimons agree 
  • However, the Syakomon on the right cannot keep up the act for long which makes an easy decision for the player to go with the Digimon on the left.

Thus, that is all players need to know about finding the true Digimons amongst the fake ones. You will not have to repeat the trick for the rest of the group.

Players will find Minoru and Falcomon soon after the Syakomon encounter before Kaito and Dracmon show up during the next fight. Shuuji will be found at the end and is still in the same condition. 

Last Updated on August 3, 2022

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