The Mortuary Assistant | Embalming Process Guide

Alone with the dead… Embalm corpses, banish demons, save your soul. This is basically the feature of the newly released The Mortuary Assistant. This is a mechanical guide for The Mortuary Assistant which will cover the topic of Embalming Corpses. Check out the steps down below.


How To Embalm Corpses In The Mortuary Assistant

You joined River Fields Mortuary as an apprentice after earning your degree in mortuary sciences. You have spent a lot of time helping the mortician with everyday activities over the past few months, learning the ins and outs of the embalming procedure as well as how to manage and care for the deceased.

You are summoned to work one late night to perform some embalmings. Death is not bound by the passage of time. But because of a difference in you, there is something unique about these bodies. The Mortician answers the phone as it rings. You cannot go since the rumors are accurate.

Embalming Procedure Steps

This part will concentrate on any variations to the method you’ll run into, during the major portion of the game, since the in-game tutorial does a superb job of clearly outlining the mechanics.

Prepping The Body

Remove the body from the freezer. Pick one of the three dead bodies in the freezer. (Please be aware that the position may change from shift to shift.) Examine the body for recognizable marks. Similar to the tutorial’s procedure.

The only difference is that for each additional body you investigate, you must alter the top entry. Close the wired jaw with a needle injector and set needles. Instead of being put out, the items you’ll need are in the cupboard adjacent to the desk.

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To keep the eyes closed, insert [EYE CAPS]. The identical cabinet as in the prior phase.

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Working On The Body

In a pump, blend embalming fluid (Glutaraldehyde, Methanol, Humectant, Formaldehyde, Reagent). These will be dispersed throughout the embalming chamber on shelves and in closets. Particularly, the Baleful Reagent will be in the antique cabinet that requires the original key to unlock.

Using [SCALPEL], make an incision in the carotid artery and jugular vein. You can find the necessary item in the same cabinet as the eye caps.

Clamp [TUBING] to both veins using [FORCEPS] and attach to the embalming pump. The tubing will be in the closet below the moisturizing wipes, and the forceps will be in the same cabinet as the eye caps.

Pump up and allow the body to drain. This is identical to the tutorial.

Final Steps

  • Remove tubes, turn off the pump, and then close the wound. This is identical to the tutorial.

Insert an [TROCAR] into the abdominal cavity after injecting [CAVITY FLUID] into a [EMPTY IV RESERVOIR BAG]. The cavity fluid is in the same location as the tutorial, and the empty IV reservoir bag will be in the same cabinet as the glutaraldehyde. The eye caps and the trocar are both in the same cabinet.

Pour [TANK CLEANER] into the embalming pump after combining cleaners in the bathroom closet. Also identical to the tutorial. Use [MOISTURIZER] on the face’s features. They are situated next to the humectant on the counter. Return the body to the freezer. Identical to the tutorial.

Last Updated on September 26, 2022

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