Disney Dreamlight Valley | Beginner Guide, Tips And Tutorial

In this brand-new life-sim adventure game, play as the heroes and villains from Disney and Pixar as you explore rich tales and create the ideal town. Welcome to Disney Dreamlight Valley. The following guide contains some basic tips and tricks that will help you in your gameplay. Do leave your thoughts after reading.


Beginner Guide, Tips & Tricks For Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a cross between a life simulation and an adventure game that is full of quests, exploration, and fun activities starring familiar and new Disney and Pixar characters. Dreamlight Valley, once a picture-perfect place, was where Disney and Pixar characters coexisted peacefully before the Forgetting.

The beautiful memories connected to this magical spot were broken by the Night Thorns that spread across the country. The helpless people of Dreamlight Valley retreated behind closed doors in Dream Castle because they had nowhere else to go. 

It’s now up to you to learn the tales of this realm and restore the magic to Dreamlight Valley. Let us begin.

Opening Tips For All Recipes

Get Remy as soon as possible, or just visit his realm where you can experiment with the ingredients to unlock many recipes for free right away. Although you can’t sell them, having them on hand for the recipe list is helpful.
For the most money/energy, go after Angler fish and smoked peanuts.

  • You can add three additional components to increase the price of each one, which sells for 2,200 coins each.
  • Each anglerfish sells for 1.5k coins and is only found in Forgotten lands.
  • However, you must first complete tasks for Remy in order to obtain peanuts.

Prior to accomplishing anything further, only concentrate on gaining his friendship and simply accessing locations. When fishing for numerous valuable fish to drop from a single pull, always have your high-level fishing friends with you.

  • Butter, cheese, eggs, milk, peanuts, and slush ice are just a few of the ingredients that are exclusively available through Remy.
  • Natural substances have varied growing durations, with longer growing times indicating better value.

The lengths of these grow span from one minute to four hours. To ensure you always have a supply on hand for when you need to complete quests or deliver goods, fill your storehouse with as many spices and vegetables as you can each day.

AFTER purchasing the game, get your avatar code!

For some reason, the avatar creation feature is replaced when you purchase the game. There doesn’t seem to be a way to acquire the avatar code if you haven’t saved it. Extremely annoying, but I managed to obtain it!

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Secondary Account

First, you’ll need to use an existing secondary account or establish a new one. The whole game cannot be owned by the account.

Installing The Avatar Creator!

You can install the avatar maker as this account doesn’t have the main game installed. Do that right away.

Switching Back to Main

Return to your primary account with the entire game after downloading and installing. Now, the complete game and the avatar maker are both available in your Steam library. The avatar you previously made should be visible when you open the avatar creator! Take hold of that key and import it:)

Can I install the Epic or Microsoft Store version?

I tried, but it wasn’t successful for me. I was asked to make a new avatar. Therefore, as of the date this guide was created, I didn’t think this was a viable option.
I sent the code to my steam account and installed the tool on Epic, and it worked. Well, some people put a lot of effort and time into making their avatars. For many people, this requires less effort than creating a new avatar.

Critter Feeding Walkthrough

How to approach each Critter and a guide for what to feed them. 


  • Rabbits: Lettuce
  • Squirrels: Apples
  • Raccoons: Blueberries
  • Turtles: Seaweed
  • Crocodiles: Lobster
  • Foxes: White Sturgeon
  • Birds: Orange Houseleeks

Catching A Critter

Each kind of animal can only be fed once a day, therefore feeding the same kind every day improves your chances of finding a friend.

  • Rabbits: Approach them and they will run away three times. After that, you can feed them.
  • Squirrels: Approach them directly without running away.
  • Raccoons: Approach them halfway, take one step once they squat, wait till they rise up again, then continue the process until you are close enough to feed.
  • Turtles: Approach them to feed until they crawl back into their shell, then remain still and watch them emerge.
  • Crocodiles: They are similar to raccoons, although their crouching movement will be slightly different (relaxed non threatened pose).
  • Foxes: To Be Determined
  • Birds: Approach them like you would a squirrel.

Locate a fishing pole, a shovel, a pickaxe, and a watering Can

The whereabouts of the items are revealed here – Spoiler!

Finding The Items

Right behind your house, there is a shovel. The pickaxe is located in the bottom right corner of the map. Get Goofy out of the house and follow him to the lake so you can get the fishing rod.

The fishing rod that is lying by the water is first given to him, after which you receive it as a gift from him. After a long search, I eventually located the shovel at the upper right corner of the map, behind the store.

P.S: More details and basic information will be updated in the guide very soon!

Last Updated on September 14, 2022

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