Destiny 2: Season Of Plunder – Full List Of Week 4 Seasonal Challenges

A new week brings newer challenges. That is life, and that is also the motto of Destiny 2. Players are back to the grind in order to get some great loot and upgrade their Season Pass as they play along.

Week 4 features the continuation of ongoing storylines alongside unique additions which will test a variety of your skills. There are a lot of challenges to take on, including pirate bosses and bad enemies. You will be winning a ton of XP and Bright Dust alongside the Repute currency.

Therefore, it is important to know what to expect what is coming this week and the following guide is for you. 

Destiny 2 - Seasonal Challenges Week 4

Destiny 2: Week 4 Seasonal Challenges

Players will be progressing through a lot of similar processes as they have done already despite the new events. However, the advantage is that there is not great difficulty in finishing all of the quickly which will give you the chance to focus on other activities of the game. 

Destiny 2: Antiquarian IV

Aim: Getting another relic back to the H.E.L.M. on the table in front of Star Chart

Like we have been doing for the past three weeks, Season 18’s main storyline has players getting a relic before Eramis and her crew grab a hold of it. Additionally, there is other work to get done as well this time around. 

  • You have to take down 250 Vex through the various PvE battles
  • I used a Melee build which will award you with greater progress, which is always beneficial
  • Therefore, this is the time to shine for Arc subclasses while the best locations would be places on Europa.

The rewards for completion include 25,000 XP and Repute

Destiny 2: Mod Collector

Aim: Acquiring all 12 mods for the Skeleton Key Artifact. 

There are a few things to know about this particular Seasonal Challenge, and this could be done for you beforehand itself. 

  • However, if you are new, you will need to get on some Seasonal Challenges to get on level
  • I had to reset my Artifact as there were problems which can be done through the “Reset Artifact” option and will require Glimmer. 

You will be rewarded with 150 Bright Dust and 50,000 XP.

Destiny 2: Darkest Nightfall

Aim: Finish a Nightfall strike of your choosing using difficulty level of Hero or more. 

You are tasked with getting three Nightfall activities finished at the above mentioned difficulty. The harder the level, the more progress you will receive.

  • If players are waiting for Grandmaster Nightfalls, they will be able to finish off the Seasonal Challenge as a whole itself
  • However, there is still some time for that so you will have to hold your horses. 

The rewards for the completion right now are 75 Bright Dust, 25,000 XP, and a Nightfall weapon. 

Destiny 2: Shortsighted

Aim: Slay opponents using Shotguns and those who are blinded as well. 

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Using the Shotgun, inflict 150 final strikes while also removing 100 of the blinded opponents

  • The best fragment to use is the Spark of Beacon that will blast when hit, thereby achieving both goals
  • I went with the Dead Weight, but you can choose from First In, Last Out and Found Verdict as well
  • There is more progress to be gained if you do this through Expeditions.

You will be receiving 25,000 XP.

Destiny 2 - Seasonal Activity

Destiny 2: Slowed down

Aim: Inflict Stasis damage to beat opponents. 

You have to land Stasis damage in order to sweep away 100 enemies, with the bonus advantage being the usage of weapons. Do not opt for melee abilities with the possible exception of Shadebinder.

  • I chose the Riptide, but Eyasluna, Chain of Command, Peacebond, and New Purpose are all great choices
  • If you going with abilities, choose Duskfield Grenades.

You will be getting 75 Bright Dust and 25,000 XP.

Destiny 2: Precise Calibration

Aim: You will have to calibrate Scout Rifles, Linear Fusion Rifles, and Sniper Rifles. 

Take out 200 enemies through these weapons which will help you complete the objective. 

  • If you are going after Guardians, that will grant you more progress
  • For PvE lovers, go for Lost Sector with a Scout Rifle
  • Momentum Control is also beneficial for this Challenge.

You are getting 75 Bright Dust and 25,000 XP.

Destiny 2: Freebooter I

Aim: Get more rewards from Expedition by using Treasure Maps and focus Plundered Umbral Energy for Engrams at the Star Chart. 

You will have to unlock 10 Expedition chests, and more progress will be given if you use advanced Treasure Maps. Maps which have the potential of giving Deepsight weapons will give you double the progress.

  • For the next adventure, you will have to use 60 Plundered Umbral Energy that you get through Treasure Maps 
  • However, treasure chests in Expedition will not be enough so go for this mission towards the final part of the Season. 

The prizes for this Challenge is 25,ooo XP and Repute

Destiny 2: Broadside

 Aim: Go on Master difficulty level to finish Ketchcrash. 

You will be faced with Power Level of 1,580 so make sure your team is super powerful. However, everything is more difficult this time around. Nevertheless, the 50,000 XP should be a great incentive for you. 

Destiny 2: High-Value Hunter

Aim: Down strong enemies in Gambit. 

Majors, HVTs, and several Taken groups are all included in the Primeval part. The total body count should be 75, but greater progress is gotten through HVTs and Primeval

  • You will require some time to finish this off, but going after HVT and groups is the best way. 

Thus, that is all players have to know about this week’s Seasonal Challenges and how to tackle them. Most of there are straightforward enough, while some will be better suited for the latter stages. 

Last Updated on September 14, 2022

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