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Isonzo is an authentic World War One first-person shooter that will put your tactical abilities to the test. Fight amid northern Italy’s picturesque peaks, rocky valleys, and dreamy towns.

The Italian Front of the Great War is brought to life and lifted to astounding heights! Do you want to become an officer, then? In a few straightforward tips, I’ll demonstrate how to be a good officer in this article.


How To Be A Great Officer In Isonzo

The Italian Front’s mountains, which are both magnificent and terrible, became a part of World War One. Isonzo enriches the WW1 Games Series both metaphorically and literally by drawing inspiration from the two-year battle for control of the Alps and the Isonzo river basin during World War One. From the creators of Tannenberg and Verdun…

Introduction: Officer

So you’re considering working as an officer in Isonzo. I can assure you that it may be a fulfilling experience if you are wise and remain loyal to your squad, particularly if you enjoy taking the team into battle. Let’s get started.

  • As an officer, you have a few more options than a rifleman, and you also have access to special skills that can drastically alter the course of the game.
  • You are capable of giving orders, for example.
  • It allows you to cut down the respawn timer for your team and the ability to direct your team to a potential attacking point.

Second, there’s this incredible device called a flare gun. This allows you to fire off markers, these markers are important for artillery. Remind yourself to check your mini-map since it will show you where the flare will land and allow you to drop artillery there.

Finally, you have your passive, which I only utilize because it enables me to engage more people in the conflict.

Bringing In The Artillery

Call in the artillery; it will be your best buddy if you want to keep it simple. Be cautious not to cause more harm than good. You must be an officer before calling in artillery. There are always two officer spots available for each team. They will be by who has the most spawn points.

  • You may then reach the artillery menu by clicking E.
  • This menu (obtained from an old development blog) enables you to summon aviation, gas, and artillery.
  • My personal favorite is aviation because of the rolling bombing technique used by the bomber squadron.
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As an officer, you must recognize the direction in which the enemy is pushing you. For instance, if I observe that the enemy is pushing through the back of Building A, I will mark that area with a flare gun and drop artillery or request a bomber.

  • You must stay away from the Forward spawn points if you’re defending.
  • You can call in anything and keep giving commands to your crew if you can see over the action.
  • I usually hang around at the Call boxes.

Use your whistle as well. Too many individuals fail to blow their whistles. It might be a good idea to issue a charging order if you are pressing a particularly difficult point so that your men can show up fast.

Pros & Cons Of Being An Officer

Being an officer makes you a target, especially when you’re on the call box. Keep in mind that you are not Bruce Willis from Die Hard. Your pistols are challenging to utilize; while you can fire more quickly than a standard Rifleman, you also have a longer reload time and a shorter effective range.

  • You will be able to stay alive in CQB with your revolver, but you will struggle in out-of-trench situations.
  • That’s where your squad mates come in; they have rifles and grenades to make your job easier.

So play it slow, clear out the trench slowly, and control “kill corners” (spots that effectively stop the flow of enemies without giving away your position). The officer is a diverse class; just keep in mind to play wisely with your friends!

Last Updated on September 15, 2022

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