Disney Dreamlight Valley: Steps To Unlock Mother Gothel

The pervasive popularity of Disney has shone through with the advent of Disney Dreamlight Valley. You are enamored by all the beloved characters over the many movies. However, there is also the presence of some iconic villains including Mother Gothel.

The villain from Tangled can be unlocked in the game which brings along Friendship Quests and more items which can be used for overall in-game progress.

However, there are some steps to follow before you reach that level. In that regard, the following guide will help players in understanding how to go about unlocking Mother Gothel. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Getting to the Glade of Trust

The first step in the journey of unlocking Mother Gother is reaching the Glade of Trust. It is present on the southwest of Peaceful Meadow, entry to which will require 5,000 Dreamlight.

Though the price seems a lot in the beginning, it is fairly easy to collect after finishing some quests and activities in the game. Once you get the big bush out of the way from the entry point, you are in the Glade of Trust to look for Mother Gothel. 

  • As you go through the area, there is a tree present which will set off The Cursethe Friendship Quest that will reveal Mother Gothel.

The steps somewhat complex to understand so players will need help in the initial phases. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Mother Gothel

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to unlock Mother Gothel

  • Once you have set off The Curse, you will have to go in search of Merlin and discuss the condition of the Glade of Trust
  • Make your way to the treehouse and interact with Mother Gothel before going with her to the Pillar of Trust and then returning to Merlin
  • I found that Merlin is of little help when it comes to dark magic so he will point you to Ursula, the Sea Witch present on the Dazzle Beach or the ponds at Peaceful Meadow
  • You will have to get a fellow character that will help Ursula to go to the Here and There and get the Orb of Trust which is the object required for Mother Gothel
  • I went after the glow provided by the Orb to get it through the passage
  • Once you have the Orb, the game will take you back to the Pillar of Trust
  • Go to Mother Gothel’s home and have a final discussion that will be the final step to unlock the character. 
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Thus, these are steps to follow if you wish to unlock Mother Gothel in the game. There are several interesting storylines to follow in the game and this is certainly a special one, especially for lovers for the movie. 

Last Updated on September 19, 2022

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