Dying Light 2 | Weapons, Money, Modding, And Trophies Guide

This guide gives you the basic idea of weapons, money, mods, and trophy rewards in the game Dying Light 2. Without going into elaborate details you will be able to grasp the basic concepts of these aspects of the game. This guide gives a general overview of these important things so have a look.

Weapons, Mods, Trophies & Money Guide for Dying Light 2

Let us start with the weapons in this game first.

Weapons Basics (How To Get Them)

The easiest way to get weapons in DL2 is to buy them from Vendors and then upgrade them. In order to do this, you need to make money to buy the weapons. You also need to farm undead trophies to upgrade your weapon mods. This quick guide will take you through this.
Note: All weapon damage is based on level 4. I believe damage scales so it maybe is higher or lower depending on your character level.

Making Money

The easiest way to make money is to farm two Dark Hollow locations in the starter area (levels 1-2). Each Dark Hollow is inhabited by 3 – 5 level 2 human enemies. They are easy to dispatch so you can do these during the day.

  • Each Dark Hollow has around 3k – 5k and takes around 5 mins to complete.
  • Most of that time is spent looting. The locations are identical in terms of layout and have three levels.
  • Make sure to loot each level.

There is a Hard Chest locked behind a Hard Door as well as a few medium safes. So make sure to bring lockpicks. You should be able to do both in around 15 mins incl. travel time. If you wish you can reset both by resting. Each run should net between 6k – 10k.



Modding is vitally important as it improves your consumables and your weapon mods. To upgrade your weapon mods you need to go to a Craftmaster. Then go to the Upgrade tab and select the desired mod or consumable.
  • Then you need to have sufficient Zombie Trophies and money to upgrade to the next tier.
  • In addition, you need the resources to create the mods themselves. These you can scavenge but you can buy most from vendors.
  • If you follow this guide you will be flush with cash so just buy all the crafting resources from vendors.
  • They are extremely cheap. The most important resource is Scrap.
  • Scrap can be bought or easily scavenged from green trashcans.

What to mod first

Throwing Knives –

These things are amazing! At max level, they do 188 damage and you can fling them super fast. They are really easy to make, needing only 10 scraps and 1 cloth to make 5 at LVL 10. At max level, it takes 4 to kill a volatile. They also 1 shot LVL 4 zombies with ease. They also stun enemies and you can carry stacks of 100.

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Fling Weapon Mod (Shaft or Tip Mod) –

This is a mod you can apply to your weapon. It procs on a critical hit and at Max Level, it does 320 damage per proc. It adds a 25% crit chance and can 2 shot volatiles at LVL 4. This is a fantastic weapons mod and it does make the game pretty easy.

Elemental Mod (TIP) –

Add an elemental mod like Flame, Spark, or SLIT. These do decent DoT damage on critical hit proc. But more importantly, add 25% crit chance at max level. If you add an elemental mod on the tip of your weapon and fling on the shaft, you will have a 50% crit chance (at max level). Meaning you will proc half the time. And when you proc you almost 1 shot everything.

Durability Mod –

This is mainly to slow down the degradation of weapons. To be honest it’s not quite essential as you will be swimming in cash, mods, and weapons within an hour or two.


You gain zombie trophies by killing zombies.

  • Regular Zombies: Small chance to drop Uncommon trophy.
  • Fast Zombies: Guaranteed chance to drop Uncommon trophy, Rare or Unique, although Rare and Unique have a lower drop chance.
  • Special Zombies (Brutes/Howlers/Spitters etc): Guaranteed chance to drop Uncommon trophy, Rare or Unique, although Rare and Unique have a lower drop chance.
  • Volotiles: Guaranteed to drop a Unique

The best way to farm these trophies is to start chases at night. Levels 1 & 2 will spawn fast zombies continuously. At levels 3 & 4 Volotiles will also start to spawn. You can do these by sticking close to the church or any safe location with a UV light on ground level.

Then go to howlers and stand close while they scream. Then just kill the waves of zombies that attack. Don’t forget to loot when possible. Be careful at LVL 3 & 4. Volotiles hit hard so retreat to UV lights when needed. Make sure you are in full health when these levels hit.

On a good night, you can make 700 – 2k Combat XP and 50+ common trophies plus a bunch of rares and uniques. In addition, you will probably gather around $2k in look as well after the night, which is a nice bonus.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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