Gas Station Simulator | Money Farming Guide

This guide will share some easy tips and tricks in which you can earn money fast in the game Gas Station Simulator. I have enlisted 3 simple tricks which you can use to your advantage to pocket some extra cash.

Through this guide I will also show you how you can unlock the “Impossible! Paid off Uncle’s first loan on time.” achievement. That is an added bonus of this guide. But if you are looking for some easy money then here’s some for you.

How To Farm/Get Money Quickly In Gas Station Simulator

In order to unlock the “Impossible! Paid off Uncle’s first loan on time” achievement you just need to unlock the fuel pump and then sit tight, do nothing. Do not pursue the other tasks.

The customers will come to buy fuel to fill up their gas tanks. But you will see that the Loan Timer does not start while they wait. You can easily go around and lockpick their cars to pick up the useful cash.

You would need around 5300$. 5000 for paying off the loan and 300 for the shelves. In the meanwhile you also adopt the following 3 methods, while customers wait, to grab a handful of cash.

RC Racing

You can always try out the RC Race. Finishing this race in under 1 minute and 15 seconds gives you 20$. I know it’s a little slow way to make money but then this could be a sure shot way to keep the dough coming in.

You can make anything between 1000 to 1200 dollars in an hour’s time.

Gas Station Simulator How to Get Money Fast 1

Playing Golf

You can play the golf game behind the warehouse. This is a faster and even surer way to make money in this game. Each game costs you 5$ to play. But if you can finish it in less than 5 strokes then you get paid 15$ which is a neat 10$ profit.

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Each game hardly lasts 10 seconds so you can easily accumulate a large amount of cash in a short time. If you aim properly and time your swing well, you can get a one-in-a-hole. This does not pay you extra cash or something but saves up a lot of time.

Just smash left-click and right-click in the mini-golf course and come back with a pocketful of cash.

Gas Station Simulator How to Get Money Fast 2

Flipping Over and Looting Cars

There’s a kind of twisted way to loot cars. You can use your Broom to flip cars over on the road. Then you can loot them at your will. Use this trick on cars that get stuck and you will be able to have them at your mercy because flipped cars can’t move.

But be sure to flip them over once they have entered the road leading to the gas station. This is so that you can still sell fuel to their owners.

If cars have stopped spawning or if you have lockpicked all the cars, just let them get away and wait. Set up your trap again and you will find that this is an endless opportunity to earn money fast.

Gas Station Simulator How to Get Money Fast 3

So how did you like my guide? I want you to try out these tricks in the game and let me know how they work out for you. If you are looking for some interesting reads then check out our top games from the categories.

If you ask me personally then I just lockpicked the cars at the fuel station before I pumped their gas. But figured if you would want to know a few other tricks, so shared them with you. Thank you for reading, have a nice day!


Last Updated on December 17, 2021

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