FarmVille 3 – Exotic Animals Complete Guide

One of the main aspects of leveling up in FarmVille 3 is acquiring Exotic animals. In this guide, I will show you how you can get them, what their functions are, and their rarities.

Exotic Animals Guide for FarmVille 3

You can arrange them later on, based on their power ratings, rarities, and the terrain they are found on. Take close notice since this will determine which exotic animals you get, and how they will turn out to be…

What are Exotic Animals?

farmville 3 exotic animals tab

In FarmVille 3, once you reach Level 9, you will discover a new section in the “Animal Collection” tab. This is called “Exotic Animals”.

You should also see other types of animals like Buffalos, Horses, Goats, etc. The first tab should be that of Exotic Animals. Once you enter this tab, you should see a subdivision of 5 categories. They are:

  • SNOW

The above tabs will help you collect the latest exotic animals you get. The Exotic Animals are categorized based on the terrain they can function best in.

I have already listed the above points about terrains so that should be clear from now on. For example, a Skunk is a forest terrain animal.

Sorting Exotic Animals Based on Power Rating

farmville 3 exotic animal power rating

Exotic Animals can also be sorted further based on their Power Ratings. As you can see from the above image, you can sort them in the form of their power and rarity.

The Skunk has a rating of 1 Star which is considered the lowest. You can go all the way up to 5 Star with these animals.

Jungle Exotic Animals usually come in the form of Epic rarity and they also range from 3 Star to 5 Star ratings.

How To Get More Exotic Animals

Doing Exotic Quest Chapters

exotic animals quests farmville 3

If you wish to unlock many of these animals, you should ideally do the exotic quests chapters. After the proper completion of these quests, you can collect the animals from the same tab you initiated the quest from.

As you can see, they range from Chapter 1, all the way up to Chapter 5. So, there is a lot to do and unlock when it comes to specific animal quests in this game. I found this feature quite interesting as well.

Exotic Chests From Merchant

You can also get different rarities of Exotic Animals from the Merchant itself. but before you start doing that, take note that you need to do the exotic quests first from the said tab to unlock the “Exotics” tab from the merchant.

Each of the Exotic Animal Chests can contain different rarities of Exotic Animals and require different currencies to open. They are as follows:

1. Bronze Exotic Chests

bronze exotic chests

This chest gives out Training Elixir or one (1 to 2 stars) Exotic Animal. You can get it for free once a day from the Merchant.

Take note that the timer will reset once the Orders board refreshes. The order board is the one where you do certain orders and get rewards when you turn your items in.

Select the See Contents button to see the possible animals you can get from this chest by swiping to the left or right. You can purchase this using Bronze Exotic Token or normal Gems.

2. Silver Exotic Chests

silver exotic chests

This chest gives out one (1 to 2 stars) Exotic Animal. You can purchase it with Gems or Silver Exotic Tokens.

The same method as above but the animals you can unlock here are different from others and are unique. You can also view the contents of the chest to know what are the possible drops you can along with the guaranteed drop.

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3. Gold Exotic Chests

gold exotics animals

These offer you 1, 2, and 3 Star Gold Exotic Animals. These are a bit more costly than the other two as you can see from the number of gems.

You can always use Gold Exotic Tokens to unlock them as well. Always try to view the content to check the outcomes of this roll as well.

4. Forest Exotic Chests

forest exotic chests

These can drop from the range of 1 to 3 Stars, but these require 250 Gems to unlock or roll. I would not recommend that you spend that much gems here.

Wait for Promotional codes or normal event-specific redeem codes to get more gems. Check the content further to know what more you can get from these chests.

5. Epic Exotic Chests

epic exotic chests farmville 3

This chest will give you one very rare, or EPIC Exotic Animal. I think these chests require the most gems to unlock if you are into that.

You can also unlock them using Epic Exotic Tokens that you earn. But I think these are few and far in-between to drop, so save up these gems carefully. These only drop in the range of either 3 Star or 4 Star from the merchant.

NOTE: The animals you see are just used as examples. Do not determine the exact animal using these tabs since the animal can be randomized.

How To Earn Exotic Chest Tokens?

exotic chest tokens

Exotic Chest Tokens can be earned from various features and additions inside the game. Mainly they are chest events, boats, and the Country Fare. The last alternative to this is using gems, hence I kept this tip at the last.

So that is all you need to know about exotic animals and how to get them in this game. If you want I can discuss each terrain in detail. If you want a specific post for that, do mention the same in the comments below.

FarmVille 3 can be awkward sometimes due to the time-gating they have done.

This is intended to make players spend more towards Gems and other in-app purchases. I do not discourage this, but I wish they would have eased off a little bit regarding the time gating and money purchases.

But, if you like this game a lot and wish to support the developers, do that by all means. It keeps them motivated and funded to make more games like this. Let me know what you think about this time gating as well.

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