FIFA 23 Power Shot Tutorial – Keyboard and Controller Guide

FIFA 23 brings you a fresh look at the much loved and adored title across the globe. This time, EA promises more intricate mechanics and an all-new system called the Hypermotion 2. The implementation of this system will be judged by the players of FIFA 23 all around the global map.

Speaking of mechanics, there are some changes inside the game itself that will intrigue new and old players alike. A new Penalty system has been introduced which makes taking penalties easier than before. Along with that, we also see a new system of Free Kick and the much-talked-about Power Shot!

In this guide, I will share with you my two cents on how I personally do and perform the power shot along with all the different binds of different platforms to perform this particular move.

FIFA 23 powershot tutorial and guide

How To Perform the Power Shot in FIFA 23

Before I explain the inputs to you, I would like to inform you that I play FIFA on Controller as well as Keyboard. Hence, I can explain to you how you can do the PowerShot easily on both those two platforms. Let’s get started…

How To Do The Power Shot on Keyboard

To know what binds I use for my Keyboard for FIFA 23, do check out my blog here. In short, I use Q as my player change, and Z as my finesse shots. You need to know these two binds to do the power shot in FIFA 23 using a Keyboard. Of course, you also need to press “Shoot” but you get the idea. These are the inputs:

  • Press Z (Finesse Button) and Q (Player Modifier Button) at the same time.
  • Immediately power up or hold your D (Or Shoot Button)

The player will enter a zoomed animation state. This is a clear indication that the player is going to perform the Power Shot. Now all you need to do is adjust the placement using arrows and the power of the shot using the meter that appears above.

Powershot tutorial FIFA 23

If done correctly, the player will unleash a powerful shot that is ought to shake the goalkeeper even if he saves it. Of course, you need to be on target in order to make a good impact. Here are the rest of the platforms and how to do a Power Shot in all of them…

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How To Do Power Shot on PS5 / PS Controller

  • Press and Hold both of your Controller’s Right R1 and Left L1 at the same time
  • Aim towards to goalpost with the left stick
  • Press “O” to perform the PowerShot

The formula is quite simple here. Pressing R1 and L1 at the same time, and loading up the shoot button will help you perform the shot with ease. Practice enough and you will be able to do it every time.

How To Do Power Shot on XBOX Controller

  • Press and Hold both of your Controller’s Right Button and Left Button at the same time
  • Aim towards to goalpost with the left stick
  • Press “B” to perform the PowerShot

Quite the same inputs as the Playstation Controller. Just the button layout changes but the rest of the mechanics and inputs remain the same.

How To Do Power Shot on a Nintendo Switch

  • Press and hold both of your Controller’s Right side R and Left side L at the same time
  • Aim towards to goalpost with the left stick
  • Press “A” to perform the PowerShot

Again, nothing different. Only the orientation and screen size change. All of the remaining mechanics stay the same.

When To Perform The Power Shot in FIFA 23?

This will be the next major question for players who are quite new to this mechanic, which I am guessing is almost all of them. For me, the best time to do a power shot is just outside the Penalty Box after you have created some room for yourself.

Make sure that your trajectory path is clear before taking the shot. Also, make sure the defenders are somewhat away from you. That is because there is a wind-up time for the mechanic and you can easily get intercepted if you do not time it right. Try to take the shot on the strong foot of the player otherwise it can go all over the place.

This is also a great way of keeping pressure and keeping the goalkeeper in check. This shot packs a lot of punch and can shake up any goalkeeper, along with the goalpost!

That will be all from this short guide for FIFA 23. Do let me know in the comments how you are enjoying the new additions and mechanics of the game. Thanks for reading and I will see you with more of such guides!

Last Updated on September 29, 2022

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