FNAF Security Breach – Up Up and Away Achievement Guide

This will be a short guide on Five Night At Freddy’s (FNAF): Security Beach’s Up Up and Away Achievement. Amongst other achievements, this one can be a bit difficult to do since it requires some additional steps.

In this guide, I will try to explain the process step-by-step so that you can do the achievement properly. If you want to know how to do other achievements, check out my guide on All FNAF: Security Breach Achievements.

FNAF Security Breach – Up Up and Away Achievement Guide

Before you get started with this achievement, you would need a camera to use them on the posters or cut-outs. The required camera will be FazCam. After you have acquired that, you can proceed with the guide.

Secret Door (poster) Location↓

Before diving in further with the pictures and how to take them, you need to know which door or poster to look for. That is because this will be your entry point for moving forward with this achievement. In order to find the Poster or secret door in FNAF:

  • Look for a poster of Captain Foxy’s Pirate Adventure
  • This is not just any poster
  • This is a secret passage to proceed further into this achievement
  • The location for the pirate adventure poster is Second Floor, in the Daycare Theater.

Finding Cut-outs and taking Pictures↓

Next, you want to locate the cut-outs. Once you have found them, you need to make their pictures using the FazCam. You will notice that their eyes have started to glow. Theirs’ along with the posters eyes will also glow.

The question arises here as to where to find the cut-outs in FNAF: Security breach? The location for the four cut-outs you need to find in this game are:

  • Daycare Theater Basement in a Storeroom
  • Kids Cove Area by Monty Golf
  • End of the Long Hallway Upstairs inside the West Arcade
  • Area Behind Rockstar Row by a Save Point

Daycare Theater Basement↓

Go inside the basement and look at the back of the hall. You should already see the cut-out being there. Ideally, it will be after 2, or 3 cut-outs and at the end it will be the cut-out you are looking for:

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Kids Cove Area↓

Inside the Kids Cove Area, the cut-out can be found behind the big banner or board that says “Kids Cove”. Check these images to pin-point the location for this cut-out:

West Arcade↓

This cut-out can be found lying around at the far backend of the room. 

Behind Rockstar Row↓

The last cut-out is behind the Rockstar row. There will be a small door at the left side of the hall. Once you go through that door, the cut-out should be in front of you.

Heading Back To The Secret Poster/Door

Once you are done taking the pictures with the FazCam, head back to the poster or door. You should notice that its eye is glowing. This is the indication that you can interact with the poster to open the door.

Playing Arcade Game (balloon world)

After you enter the door, you should see a corridor. Go down the corridor until you find an old and dusty room. Look around the room until you find an opening or vent to go through.

Going through that vent will open up into an even smaller room with an arcade machine sitting inside the room. Interact with it to start the game called “Baloon World”:

  • Your objective here is to gain momentum to keep afloat.
  • Notice the purple cracks or glitches in the game.
  • You need to go through these glitches which will take you to a new part of the game.
  • Touching this purple glitch will help you to get the Up Up and Away Achievement

And that is how you can do the Up Up and Away Achievement FNAF Security Breach. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Last Updated on January 15, 2022

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