Honkai World: Star Rail – How to Complete Night On The Great Mine Puzzle

When you get into Honkai World: Star Rail, there are so many things you can do that you’ll be overwhelmed. Numerous companion and adventure missions on a variety of planets will become available to you as you level up and advance through the main story.
Additionally, some Adventure Missions can last up to three days in real life.
Because you can only progress to a certain point on a particular day, these missions are referred to as time-gated. One such mission is Night On The Mine, in which you must solve three Mine Cart puzzles each day.

Honkai World: Star Rail – How to Finish Night On The Great Mine puzzle

There are a few steps you need to take before you can start this quest. Before you can travel to Jarilo-VI, you must first complete the main story in Herta Space Station. You will first have to go through the main story in this area before one of the main characters will take you to the underground city.
You will eventually gain access to the Great Mine area here. Continue reading the story until you reach a specific climax in Boulder Town.
Honkai - Star Rail - great mine night map
When you see this image, you can begin the mission by conversing with Antonia and she’ll let you know that there’s an old mining individual who’s attempting to show his disciple prior to resigning. To solve the main puzzles, go to this elderly miner in the Great Town area and talk to them for a while.

Honkai World: Star Rail – How to Solve Mine Cart Puzzles

Each mine cart puzzle has unique mechanics that can be used to move the carts to their designated locations. At the point when you push a truck, it’ll follow the track laid before it.
The carts can be pushed from either side, but the turnout devices’ shining yellow lines determine their route. Assuming you associate with the gadget, the yellow lines will be changed. Each cart carrying ore must reach the path’s end, marked by a yellow light-up barrier. The empty carts, on the other hand, must reach the blue end.
Honkai - Star Rail - great mine night rail track
You will need to use an empty cart to get to the spot where you can see ore on the ground if there are more empty carts at the yellow path ends than filled carts. Here, load up the ore, and then move the cart to where it belongs.
You can talk to the old miner to get your prize after all the carts are in their proper places. After claiming the chest, speak with him once more to begin the subsequent puzzle.

Honkai: Star Rail – How to solve Day One Puzzles Mine Cart

Because the game lets you get used to the controls, the first few puzzles will be easy. For the absolute first riddle, you basically need to interface with both the turnout gadgets once and afterward push the truck to the blue end. This will get the cart to where it needs to be and solve the problem. You can get a typical money box for it.
In order to solve the second puzzle, you must first push the ore cart into the track without using any turnout devices. Engage once with the turnout device labeled one (left) when it comes to a stop in the middle of the track near the empty cart. The ore cart will reach its destination if you push it back.
The next step is to push the empty cart to the blue end after interacting once with each turnout device.
Honkai - Star Rail - Night on the great mine part 1
To address the last riddle for the principal day, drive the unfilled mine truck into the track first without collaborating with turnout gadgets. This will take the truck to the opposite finish of the track. Presently, communicate with the second turnout gadget (right) once. Fill the mine cart with the ore on the ground by pushing it again. Return the cart and engage the second turnout device once more. After pushing the cart back to where it was previously, you should only once interact with the first device (left). You will then be able to push the cart into the yellow track end in the final step.

Honkai: Star Rail – How to solve Day Two Mine Cart puzzles

When the server resets subsequent to completing the first-day puzzles, you can converse with the old excavator again to get three additional riddles. To solve the first puzzle of day two, follow these steps. Cooperate with the third turnout gadget (right) once and push the vacant mine truck.
It’ll have the option to arrive at the blue end with this. Push the ore-filled cart back to its original location using the same turnout device. Push the ore cart once more after interacting with the third and first (left) turnout devices.
After this, it will reach the track end near the blue track end. At last, associate with the second (center) turnout gadget once and push the metal truck once more. The puzzle will be solved once it reaches the yellow end.
Honkai - Star Rail - night on the great mine part 2
The layout of the second puzzle of the day is the same as the first, but the colored end placements make the steps a little more difficult. Push the empty cart while reversing the direction of the third turnout device.
It will reach the other end of the track as a result of this. Push the ore cart back to its original position, using the third device once more. Push the ore cart to a different end near the empty cart by interacting with the first and third devices. Communicate with the primary gadget once more and drive the unfilled truck into its unique position. You can then place the empty cart on the blue end by using the third device. Finally, you can push the ore cart to the yellow end by utilizing the first and third devices once more.
The solution to the second day’s final puzzle is as follows. Move the cart filled with ore to one of the yellow ends without altering the track of any turnout devices. Cooperate with turnout gadgets two and three once and push the unfilled truck right next to the metal truck.
Switch the third gadget back and take the unfilled truck to the mineral on the ground. Push the cart back beside the other ore cart after filling it up. Make use of device three to reposition the recently filled cart and change the track on the right.
You can complete the puzzle by pushing this cart to its location using the first device.

Honkai: Star Rail – How to solve Day Three Mine Cart puzzles

To complete the first puzzle of day three, follow these steps. Without using any turnout devices, push the empty cart to the other yellow end. Now push the empty cart once more using the second device (right). Near the ore cart, it will come to a stop in the middle of the track.
Push the ore cart after bringing the yellow lights to the middle track by using the second device twice more. It will reach one of the yellow ends by doing this. Push the second gadget two times again and bring the mineral truck to the unfilled truck’s unique area.
Honkai - Star Rail - great mine night
In the meantime, you can use the first device once to fill the cart with ore.
Push the empty cart to the other yellow end by interacting with the second device twice. This may be the most difficult puzzle in the entire series. Begin by squeezing the third and first gadgets once. Move the empty cart to the end of the track, close to the ore cart, which is already in its place.
Push the other ore cart into its intended position by utilizing the third device once more. Push the ore cart to the same location as the empty cart by pressing the third device once more.
Use the second gadget in the center and send the metal truck close to the vacant truck to the next lackluster track end. Push the empty cart back to its original position by interacting with the second device once more.
You can move the empty cart to the blue end by pressing the third button. Push the ore cart on the colorless end once and use the second and third devices once. At long last, utilize the second gadget once more and push this truck to its assigned area.
Honkai - Star Rail - great mine night finishing
This is how to solve the final Night On The Great Mine quest puzzle. First, without using any tools, push the cart with the ore beside the empty cart on the right. Push this cart to the one and only colorless track end in the puzzle by using the third device once.
Push the empty cart to the left of the other empty cart once with the second device in the middle. Then, using the third device, load the ore into the cart before returning it to the empty cart.
Interact with the third gadget once more and bring this as of late filled truck to its unique position. Now, insert this cart into the opposite yellow track end using the first device. Take the final empty cart to the ore location and use the third device once. Fill it up and return it to its original location.
Using the second device, push the cart so that it comes to a stop in the middle of the track near the third device for the cart that was already full at the beginning. To solve the puzzle, only use the first and second devices once and push this cart.
Thus, that is all the information players will need in terms of finishing this mission. It will be somewhat of a long one but you can do it with patience and following the guide.

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