How to Build a Heavy Work Bench in Terraria

To begin creating goods like the penguin statue, tin plating, green slab wall, or topaz gem lock in Terraria, you may ponder how to build a heavy workbench. Your wait is now over. Find out by reading my brand-new Terraria guide below.

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Terraria: How to Build a Heavy Work Bench

The components needed to manufacture the Heavy Work Bench are challenging, and you must harvest several materials. The only benefit of the recipes in Terraria is that you can use the resources designated as “any,” which implies you don’t require a particular kind of resource.

For instance, any combination of eight varieties of sand can be used in a formula. This saves materials and makes it simple to gather everything you need for a recipe. Let’s begin keeping this in mind. Here is all the information you require regarding constructing a heavy work bench in Terraria.

Making a Heavy Work Bench in Terraria

Using the Heavy Work Bench, you can create ornamental things, construction materials, and mechanics. The supplies you’ll need to make the Heavy Work Bench in Terraria are listed below.

Any Wood, 12

Any combination of Terraria’s nine types of wood can be used for this recipe.

Any Iron Bar, 8

Use any combination of an Iron Bar or a Lead Bar in this recipe. To make 1 lead bar, you will need 3 lead ore and 4 lead fences. The same goes for making an iron bar, which requires 3 iron ores and 4 iron fences.

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One lead or iron anvil

To create an Iron Anvil, you will need 5 Iron Bars. The same goes for making a lead anvil, which requires 5 lead bars.


Here is the item profile for the heavy workbench:

  • Max. Stack: 9999
  • Type: Crafting and Furniture Station
  • Dimensions: 3 wide by three high
  • Use Time frame: 15 (very fast)
  • Rarity: White
  • Value: 1
  • Research Level 1

You cannot create Work Bench recipes on the Heavy Work Bench because it is not an upgrade to the Standard Work Bench. The Stone Slab and Tall Gate are the best recipes using the Heavy Work Bench.

The platforms for Terraria include PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and mobile.

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