Vox Machinae | Game Modes, Maps and Remix Options Full Guide

Vox Machinae is a VR mech simulator that was designed with multiplayer in mind. That was true until recently, when Space Bullet Corp, the game’s producer, added a full-fledged campaign to the game for free.

In this guide you are going to learn about the different game modes, maps, and teams, remix options in the game plus how to block/mute a comrade in Vox Machinae. Check out the full guide to know more.

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Game Modes, Maps, Teams, and Remix Options in Vox Machinae  

Hover Brawl

In Hover Brawl, your goal is to use rams or firepower to move a big ball to YOUR goal. Each weapon has a different effect on the ball, and I found lasers and Hoppers to be particularly useful in this mode. It reminds me a little of Vox Rocket League.

Bot Stomp

Following that, four players take on waves of increasing numbers and difficulty in Bot Stomp. Find the commander, who respawns the opposition team, and kill him.


You can also choose to guard a Convoy as it moves around the map in an escort operation. Side missions appear out of nowhere, adding variety and difficulty to this mode.


This game style is entertaining, but only if you understand how to play. So, to understand Salvage, your whole effort should be on capturing and guarding the salvage (or Decker).

Look on your radar for a hollow circle, then go there with a fast Grinder like a hopper, a goldrush, and possibly a drill…

Don’t be sidetracked by other grinders; instead, search for the massive column of light; that’s where the salvage is! Shoot or run over three little vehicles around the Decker, then stand in the circle and defend it until only your team’s color remains.

The Decker will come alive if you succeed, moving and attacking. Defend it for as long as you can, even if you have to use your body to block rams because you only get points for how long you have control of the Decker.

If you’re on the salvaging squad, your sole emphasis is on murdering the Decker while disregarding the rest of the team. This attacking team has a faster respawn time, so hurry up and attack the Decker with everything you’ve got!

You can eject and grab a new Grinder after the Decker dies; there’s no point in retaining a broken mech since re-spawning would likely get you closer to the next salvage anyhow.


Stockpile is a popular game in which you must capture 5 distinct points by standing in a circle around the base. A point will be captured faster if there are more grinders on it, and each captured point gives a specific bonus for your team.

You can find them here:

  • Radar Station: You are no longer visible on enemy radars.
  • Coolant Plant: Your team cools down faster, giving you more opportunities to shoot.
  • Armor Foundry: Your team’s armor increases.
  • Assembly Line: The respawn timer for your team is shorter.
  • Fuel Depot: Your group regenerates fuel more quickly.
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Deathmatch, in which you kill other Grinders and win by time or points, is by far the most popular game mode. If you eject after suffering enemy damage, you’ll lose a point to the opposing team.

However, you have the option to eject before being hit if you need to alter your loadout, Grinder, or spawn position.

Teams and Maps

Any map can be used to play these game variants. Try them all because some of them have cool bonuses, such as these:

  • On Cryptic Tundra, geysers help your weapons cool down faster
  • On Topaz Twilight, electric shocks regenerate gasoline faster

The host can set the number of teams under the Team button, as well as whether they want a free-for-all or scrambled format. The AI face indicates that these characters are bots, whereas all other icons represent real individuals.

All Talk, Terpids/Worms, Fast Heat, and Fuel: Remix Options

The remix is where you can turn on All Talk and choose whether or not to use Worms (or Terpids), which can be placed anywhere on the map.

The worms cannot be killed, so just stay away from them if you find them on the map! A worm-killing game is now being held as part of a Halloween event in October.

You may also use Remix to activate Fast Heat and Fast Fuel, which do exactly what they say. Although it appears to be a brilliant idea, it disrupts the precise balance of all the grinders. Some mechs can take advantage of these bonuses and become overpowered or inconvenient to deal with.

How to Block/Mute Comrade

Finally, everyone has the ability to ban or mute a player. While in your Grinder, figure out which button brings down this menu. After using the interact button, select the individual you want to work with.

  • Block – unable to connect to your servers.
  • Mute – you can’t hear them.

You can also create your Comrade list from here. This isn’t the same as a list of friends. Find a good player and befriend them so you can see their logo on the radar, for example. Because some commands can only be available from within your grinder.

Once the match has started, this menu is also handy for the Host. If you want to make a few adjustments, find a dark spot and turn your mech off with the ignition key, as this will hide your grinder from enemy radar.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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