Rune Factory 5 – Guide to Fishing in the game

The games belonging to the farming sim genre have generally been filled with soothing gameplay. The Rune Factory 5 does all of what the games in the series have been so good at.

It builds on the classic strategy of building farms, mining money, and fishing. Yes, there is an element of doing some easy fishing in Rune Factory 5. This has a lot of benefits in the game, including getting better at your attributes, RP, VIT, and having an overall good effect on your future fishing skills.

Therefore, this is an area in which players can certainly sink their hook in, and get some handsome rewards. Moreover, you can also earn a decent amount of money by selling the fish as the game progresses in addition to your own nourishment.

Hence, being able to fish and knowing its finer details will help players a lot. The following guide will take you through the basics of fishing in Rune Factory 5 and how to go about it expertly.

Rune Factory 5 fishing guide

Rune Factory 5: Guide to fishing

Types of fishes available

Fish NameFishing Method
AbaloneTag Team Fishing
BlowfishTag Team Fishing
Cherry SalmonSolo Fishing
CharSolo Fishing
Crucian CarpSolo Fishing
Masu TroutSolo Fishing
SquidSolo Fishing
SardineSolo Fishing
ShrimpSolo Fishing
ChubSolo Fishing
Throbby SnapperSolo Fishing
Glitter SnapperSolo Fishing
CutlassfishTag Team Fishing
Fall FlounderSolo Fishing
FlounderSolo Fishing
King CrabTag Team Fishing
SkipjackSolo Fishing
LobsterSolo Fishing
Lamp SquidSolo Fishing
MackerelSolo Fishing
TurbotSolo Fishing
MarlinTag Team Fishing
SalmonSolo Fishing
King CrabSolo Fishing
Pond SmeltSolo Fishing
Sun SquidSolo Fishing
Rainbow TroutSolo Fishing
SardineSolo Fishing
Sand FlounderSolo Fishing
GibelioSolo Fishing
TaimenSolo Fishing
TunaSolo Fishing
YellowtailSolo Fishing
GirellaSolo Fishing
RockfishSolo Fishing
Golden OctopusTag Team Fishing
Golden SalmonTag Team Fishing
NeedlefishSolo Fishing
King CrabSolo Fishing
OctopusTag Team Fishing
PikeSolo Fishing
SeerfishTag Team Fishing
Splendid AlfonsinoTag Team Fishing
SunfishTag Team Fishing

Single fishing

Players will receive the Cheap Pole fishing rod early on in the game, encouraging them to go fish. Now, you have to make your way to where there’s fish and water.

Press the B button to drop your line. Players can take help from the map in order to find out some of the fishing spots. Fishes can be found in the ocean, so make sure that you are strolling on the beach to maximize your chances.

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Moreover, the game has also given a specific fishing stand near the main river of Rigbarth. Players will find a heavy selection of fish in this area. Some other places for players to try and find fishes include Pond of Hope (go to The Blue Moon Inn and take a left) and Lake Melody, located near the upper portion of the map.

Rune Factory 5 fishing guide

Players can go to any of these spots in order to start their quest for fish. Having spotted a fish, press B. The closer your line is to fish, the better the chances of the fish coming close to you. Players will feel a vibration when the fish is caught and then press B again to pull it out.

The larger the fish, the less time you will have to press B and get it officially caught. Thus, having caught one, all kinds of information will be displayed regarding it and you can choose what to do with it.

After progressing through the game, newer places will be unlocked, which means more types of fish. Do not forget to return to the places mentioned above, as they will have all the new fish.

Tag team fishing

The place near the river at Rigbarth will have a sign reading the details of Tag Team fishing. However, you will need a high level of friendship with the other characters in order to ask them to come fishing with you. Players can just interact with the sign during the daytime and have a friend join in on the fishing missions.

Rune Factory 5 fishing guide

The controls are different in this mode as players do not have to press B in order to pull up the fishes.

There will be a quick set of timed events with players having to press the button on the yellow gauge. It will happen in rounds of 30 seconds. This type of fishing will yield larger fish that are not available through solo fishing. 

Upgrades to the Fishing Pole

Players will need to get stronger rods as the game goes on. You will need to use the ‘Blacksmith’ skill in order to get them made.

However, all of it needs SEED points and a forged license. Therefore, after getting the license, players can set up their own forge from Studio Palmo. You are all set to build new fishing rods, having had the right intake of farming bread.

Last Updated on July 11, 2022

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