Icarus – Beginners Guide, Tips, and Strategies

This Icarus beginners guide, tips, and strategies post will show you how to make the most of the game. If you’re a beginner looking to get started with Icarus or just want some tips and strategies on where to start, this is the blog for you.

I will share the tutorials, some overviews, guides, and everything you need to know to start with Icarus!

Icarus Beginners Guide, Tips, Strategies

Icarus beginners guide tips and strategies

Whether you are starting off with Icarus or you have played the game for some time now, these tips and strategies can help you regardless. Some of them are helpful not just for beginners, but all for intermediates and advanced players.

Beginners Guide To Levelling Up↓

As you start progressing in the game, the level difficulty will start to scale by a decent amount. I would highly advise you to level up to 10 before you reach around Mission 2. Levels in this game can be daunting for a new player so keep the following in mind.

Icarus has a decent way for a beginner to level up properly. Do the following for starters:

  •  Beginners should Level Up to 10 as soon as possible
  • Play the game on easy – Try not to increase to medium/hard
  • Gears are important for medium/hard mission – You do not get them easily.

You can have the exception of playing medium/hard mode in a squad of say 7-8 players. If you are a solo or duo/trio player like myself, chances are you will find them very difficult to do.

How To Farm XP in Icarus↓

The XP question for beginners arises as they move along with the progress. How To farm XP in Icarus you may ask. The answer is pretty simple and easy for new players. To farm XP properly in Icarus you can do the following:

  • Farming Animal is the best way for a beginner to farm XP quickly
  • Take out the simplest hunting tools and go out hunting
  • Bow and Arrow is good option for Deer’s XP – Easy to slay due to low HP
  • Hunt Bears, Buffalos, Wolves and other animals for more XP – More difficult to slay

Icarus beginners guide tips and strategies

XP gain is also based on animal levels. The higher the Animal HP, the more XP you will receive.

Stealth Attacks and Damage Guide for Beginners↓

If you crouch and use weapons to hunt animals, your damage will increase significantly. This is a unique thing I saw in this game, and out of most survival games, I wish they had this one as well. Why stealth damage and attacks? well:

  • Multiplies damage by 2-2.5 times
  • One-shots have animations while sneaking/stealth mode kills
  • You can use a Knife as well as Bow and Arrow – Knife is less preferred

Icarus beginners guide tips and strategies

Farm Caves for Precious Metals↓

If you are wondering where to look for metals such as Iron, Copper, and other useful ones, caves are the ones to look for. There are also places where these spawn outside of caves. For most parts you can farm them in caves.

How To Find Caves (Locations)↓

Caves are an important source for precious metals as I mentioned above. But can you find caves in Icarus and how to find one is the big question. Well there are some locations to look for to find these caves:

  • Behind Stone Mountain Walls
  • Cliff Sides
  • Edges of Hills
  • Should be noticeable due to the Depression in the Rock like so:

icarus cave locations

Start breaking into these structures if you see them. These can also be hidden behind plain stone walls but I have not tried those out. Usually you can find them in such depressions. The hole was made after it was found.

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You can also find normal caves that lay on plain sight. These are the ones that you will stumble across and do not have to dig into the rocks to locate.

Tips with Torches↓

One near little trick you can do to see more clearly in darkness is to drop the torch. This will help you see farther and clearer than if you were to carry it. Take careful note that if you stumble on the torch you can receive burn damage. Other occurrences with torches are:

  • You can light up trees with it
  • light up bushes using it
  • Heck, you can even light yourself up if you are not careful!

Beginners Guide To Fire Whackers↓

Say you end up setting your base on fire. Why you may ask? well… torches! OR it can happen accidentally when lightning strikes your base. Whatever the reason may be, you can put out the fire efficiently using a Fire Whacker.

  • Early game as a beginner, fire whacker is good to put out fire
  • Use this for most parts of the game
  • Late game swap this out for fire extinguishers –
  • Still, keep fire whackers close as they can come handy anytime

How To Stop Fires from Catching↓

You can prevent the fires from catching your base, and other structures also. Fire plays a vital role in this game and being careful from it is a necessary step in Icarus. Here are some tips to prevent fires:

  • Place lightning Rods – Prevents Lightning from striking Bases
  • Lightning Rod – Tier 2 Tech – Can be crafted from bench
  • Stone and Concrete Bases won’t catch fire from lightning (untested so far but basic mechanics)

Sleep Mechanics↓

If you have played Valheim or similar games to it, you would know what I am about to state. If not, well, you can actually sleep through the night using Sleeping Beds. These are the exact mechanics:

  • Craft Bed To sleep through a certain period
  • If in Party sleep at the same time and it will sync
  • You all wake up at the same time of the day/night

I have already encountered a similar mechanism in Valheim, and I find it cool and soothing at the same time. One other similarity is that this game also gives you a buff called “well rested” very similar to Valheim. Here are the exact stat boosts:

  • Maximum Health – +10%
  • Health Regeneration – +10%
  • Maximum Stamina – +5%
  • Stamina Regeneration – +5%
  • Food Consumption – -5%
  • Water Consumption – -5%

Eat Cooked Meat for Healing↓

You can cook different raw meat in the game. Consuming them will grant you instant HP and Regen bonuses. More importantly, it will give you an instant heal if you are running low on health.

This is also a concept I have seen in other survival games so I was not surprised. Since this is a beginners guide, might as well let you all know about it. The importance of healing are:

  • In combat, helps to instantly gain HP boost
  • Helps in farming while encountering higher HP Animals
  • There are other decent methods later on but this is good option for a beginner

This is good for a beginner who is just starting with Icarus, because you will not have many healing option in the early game. Bind this to a button and use that quickly in clutch situations until you get a good healing source.

These were just some Icarus Beginners Guide, Tips, and Strategies to get you started with the game. This is by no means an in-depth mechanics guide. If you need explanations regarding each point do let know in the comments.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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