Myth of Empires – Beginners Guide, Tips, and Strategies

Myth of Empires is a Survival RPG game in its early access. Some Guide, Tips, and Basics can go a long way especially if you are starting with the game. You can get the game if you wish to do so.

Myth of Empires is a multiplayer sandbox game. For Beginners, the game features a high degree of freedom. Here, players will fight to survive and earn their place in a world torn by war. You can Build fortresses, guide armies in massive battles, siege enemy cities, and establish your own empire!

If you know how to start with the game, this will give you a decent footing to progress in the right direction. That is exactly what this guide will help you do. I will be explaining the basics of Myth of Empires and how to get started, and progress along.

myth of empires guides tips and tricks

Myth of Empires Beginners Guide, Tips, and Strategies

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Early Game Level Up Guide and Tips

Levelling from 1-12

Here, I will be explaining how to grind out the early levels in Myth of Empires. That is because, this is mainly where people struggle to understand. After this part, everything falls in to place. Having that said let’s take a look…

First of all, go inside a Map, and open the map to get an idea of the regions around you. You will have forests, mountains, and forbidden places also. If you have played Valheim, you would have a good grasp of what I am talking about.

My advise would be to spawn in, or around forest areas and go straight into them. Get as many grass as you can by farming the bushes. keep farming them, until you have enough to craft “Straw Rope”. While this crafts, keep collecting more grass.

myth of empires guides tips and tricks

Crafting Stone Sickle [Level 12]

Once you get to level 12 by just getting grass and crafting ropes, go inside Tool Expertise > Craft Sickle. Simply learning the one at Level 12 is enough to progress further.

The Sickle requires Ropes, branches and rubbles. While you are collecting the grasses, grab these as well to not miss out on resources.

myth of empires guides tips and tricks

Once you get The Stone Sickle, this will speed up the XP you are getting by a decent amount. Keep cutting grasses using this until you hit level 16.

Now you need to decide whether to stay on a PvE server or go to a PvP server. The PvP server will increase the rewards you get, but you run the chance of loosing resources as well.

For PvP Servers

You can do a number of things if you decide to join a PvP server. First of all interact with the NPC called “Carter”. Press E on him and pick a server of your liking. After that you can:

  • Carry on collecting Grass
  • Building more ropes for decent XP

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Level 20 and onwards [Carpenter’s Bench Guide]

What you want to do after that is Unlock the wooden barrel. Go to crafting recipes. You can find this in the “Cultivations” tab. Next, you need to farm branches and barks from trees.

Keep doing this until you get to Level 20.

As soon as you hit level 20, build yourself a “Carpenters’ Bench”. This unlock at level 19, so you can easily build that.  The tree for this should be Construction > Architect’s bench > Carpenters bench.

You will need architect’s bench to build the carpenters bench. To build a Carpenter’s Bench, you need:

  • Copper Ingot: These can be farmed from Copper Nodes.
  • Stone: Can be farmed from boulders.
  • Sand: Farming rocks have the chance of dropping sand. 
  • Hardwood: Hitting trees have chance to drop this.

Once you are done, with the crafting of Carpenter’s Bench, Hold E and click on Compute to “Carpenter’s Bench Use”. After doing this, you will get linked to the table and  proceed with gaining XP from it

Tips for Crafting Up To Level 30

Ideally, you want to craft wooden plank, and keep crafting it to get yourself to level 30. Wooden Plank requires the following items:

  • Branch x 6
  • Grass x 1

A neat and simple recipe which cannot be messed up since it is fairly available all around the map

After level 30, you will have a good idea to navigate, survive, and upgrade a lot more to progress properly in the game. This will be discussed in-depth in a future guide.

If you need such a Myth of Empires Guide, do let me know in the comments.

Skills and Talents Guide and Tips

The Talent & Skill section has its sub-divisions. You need to know which one serves what purpose to invest points and progress in them:

  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Physique
  • Wisdom
  • Charisma

The dragon icons you see are basically a point system. The more you add to one type of skill and talent, the more efficient you become in that. It costs copper coins to respec that, so keep that in mind while respeccing. 

skill and talent myth of empires

There are lot of uses to this and you can see each one of them at the left hand side of the screen where these are. Investing points in different skills will make you do them quickly as compared to others, hence pick wisely here.

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Crucial Resources and Locations (Maps)

Resources are very important in Myth of Empires, if not, the most important part of a Survival RPG. The same goes here, and there are quite a few of these to collect.

I will go over each of them and if possible, methods and locations to get them:

  • Grass: Farmed from Grass Nodes. Can be found near and inside forest areas.
  • Clay: Can be found near river beds and other major water bodies. They look like sticky stones but are very different from them.
  • Copper: They are found near Mountain/Hilly Regions. Open the map and look for mountains, and scout near them to find Copper nodes.
  • Trees: Pretty basic, but important part. They give you branches, barks, wood, hardwood, etc.
  • Coarse Leather: Can be obtained by slaying wild animals such as Hare, Foxes, Boars, etc. Some can be difficult like the Foxes while some are fairly easy like boars.
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These are just basic materials that will be required by a beginner. There are many more materials and resources as you progress along.

Here are the Myth of Empires Resources Map for your ease of Reference:

  • Northern Area Resource Map – Treasures, Strongholds, Resources, Collect, Farmland, Wild Animals, Talent Trees

Myth of Empires Resources Map Northern Map

  • Southern Area Resource Map – Treasures, Strongholds, Resources, Collect, Farmland, Wild Animals, Talent Trees

Myth of Empires Resources Map Southern Map

  • Talent Steles Map

Myth of Empires Resources Map Talent Steles Map

Big thanks to steam user Blaze1961 for providing the community with the maps in the first place.

How To Tame A Horse in Myth of Empires

You should find a wild horse near small water bodies, typically small streams or rivers. You need to Tame them to mate them with the horse you currently have.

This will ensure that the generations go on by producing more horses.

To lure in a horse, you need to have Coarse Dry Fodder and to mount onto it, you will need a Coarse Rein. Once you locate the horse, throw down the Coarse Dry Fodder, and you will see that the Horse has started to feed on it.

This will be your chance to sneak up behind it and use the Coarse Rein to mount onto the Horse. After you are done taming, you will also a need a Coarse Horse Saddle.

I wont be explaining how to get these since you can see what materials are required once you unlock them.

taming horse myth of empires

After you have mounted on the horse, it will start running randomly. Make sure to steer clear of bandit camps and other dangers. (Well try to!).

After a certain point, you should see the Rage bar fill up on the horse. Once this happens, a mini game will start.

Here, you need to click either left or right depending on the input shown. A neat little trick here is to spam both left and right click so that all the inputs register.

Keep doing this until the tame meter is full, and the horse is tamed!

myth of empires guides tips and tricks

Make sure that you have decent points put into Taming Expertise in the Skills section. Otherwise you will have a hard time doing this activity. Also, make sure you are decently levelled up.

Otherwise you can get hurt, loose stamina quickly, and have difficulty in overall taming process.

Now simply input the name of the horse you just tamed, press confirm and you are all good to go!

myth of empires guides tips and tricks

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Weapons Usage and Level Up Guide and Tips

You need to know the basics of some of the weapons to decide which one is useful for you, and in general. This will also help you to decide how you can proceed with the game and progress even further by levelling them up. Some weapons are:

  • One handed weapons
  • Stun weapons used to stun enemies.
  • Damage weapons like Spears.
  • Bow and Arrow for horseback ride and shooting
  • Rake for decent damage
  • Sword for damage and quickness
  • Pole Arm for blunt damage
  • Coarse Shields to block damage
  • Throwing Stones to level up the throwing proficiency and distract enemies

You can use the lowest hitting weapons and level them all the way up. Preferably the more you use a weapon, the more proficient you become in it. That is the simple rule of increasing weapon levels in this game. Quite similar to Valheim I must say!

Armor and Level Up Guide

The concept of Armor is quite simple and you can use any one of them. This strictly depends on your needs and there no specific suggesting I can give regarding the Armor’s to have.

What I would mention is that you should always wear the Armor you want to level up. That is because if you are burning Stamina while wearing that Armor, you will contribute towards its XP Gain and level up! In short:

  • Wear the preferred Armor
  • Burn Stamina while wearing it
  • Do battles, running, swimming, and other activities requiring Stamina
  • This ultimately increases the XP gained towards Armor
  • And finally, It helps to level up the Armor.

Beginners Base Building Tips

This really depends on a lot of things based on your decision making. Consider these points before deciding:

  • What is your level
  • What is your preference for a Biome
  • Which material or resource will you need the most
  • You overall aim in Myth of Empires

If you happen to spawn around mountains, the ideal location would be to build the base around copper nodes/Mines. Being close to a “Stronghold” also makes sense.

That is because you can farm decent amount of XP there and slay some NPCs. [Advanced stages only!]

Prefer locations that are at a centre to collections, mines, resources, and preferably strongholds at higher levels. To build a Base, you will also need Flatland so make sure that is also available.

Also you would need some wildlife around you to get more resources. To sum it up:

  • Flatlands are required
  • Mines and other resources
  • Collection Nodes
  • Stronghold locations at high levels
  • Wildlife such as Rabbits, Boars, Foxes, etc.
  • Water Bodies (preference)

I tried my best to cover the basics for any beginner who is starting off with Myth of Empires. There is much more to the game than this, but hopefully these tips and guide will set sail for you.

Do mention your thoughts down in the comments.

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