Icarus – Snow/Ice Biome Mission Guide and Tips

This comprehensive guide for Icarus will show you how to do the Snow or Ice Biomes’ First mission. These snow biome tips will hopefully enable you to clear this stage when you first encounter it in your playthrough.

icarus snow ice biome guide and walkthrough

Icarus – Snow/Ice Biome Mission Guide and Tips

This will be Icarus’ first Icestorm: Expedition Mission for you. Before even starting with the Snow Biome walkthrough, first let me show you where you can find the Icestorm: Expedition to initiate the mission in the first place.

Icarus Icestorm: Expedition Start⇓

To initiate the Icestorm: Expedition mission, you will have to progress further into the game until you unlock its mission tree. Once you do that, select it from the Mission Tree tab. It will say “ICESTORM: EXPEDITION”:

icarus snow ice biome guide and walkthrough

ICESTORM: Expedition Mission Objectives

To get started with the mission, you need to first know what objectives you need to do. This will later help you in remembering the specific activities needed to be completed to clear the mission. The mission objectives are:

  • Deploy and activate the disruptor above the ground and under shelter in the glacier arctic
    • Retrieve Device Component 1
    • Device Component 2
    • Device Component 3
    • Assemble the Device

Requirements for Snow/Ice Mission in Icarus⇓

There are certain requirements you must meet or have them in general, for the Snow or Ice mission. These will ensure that you are not struggling with it at any point and the operation goes on smoothly. The requirements are:

  • Be atleast level 20 before jumping into  the Snow/Ice Expedition
  • If not, have a team member of level 20 in your lobby
  • You need Fur Armor to enter the snow biome
  • Without a full set of fur armor, your health will deplete with time

If you are playing solo (also applicable for party):

  • Bring some weapons with decent ammo in them
  • The time spend in snow biome can be a long duration
  • DO NOT try to use bow-arrow or other melee weapons. The polar bears have a LOT of HP.

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Ice/snow Biome Device Component Locations⇓

I have already mentioned the requirement for the missions. It involves retireving Device components also. The locations for these Device components are shown in the images below. You need to have them to proceed with the next steps in Icarus:

  • Location for Device Component 1 :
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Icarus Icestorm_ Expedition Mission Guide! device 1

  • Device Component 2 Location:

icarus device component 2 location

  • Device Component 3 Location:

icarus device component 3 location

Before getting these, I highly advise you to build yourself some stone 4x4s. That is because you would need to survive the storm after you retrieve these devices. And if you are short on time, then this will become even more difficult.

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Icarus Surviving Snow Storm and Assembling Device⇓

After you build yourself the insulation structure (a 4 by 4 will do), you need to build or assemble the components to build a device. This will basically fight and try to stop the storm for you.

icarus snow ice biome guide and walkthrough

Once you place this device down inside the insulated structure, the storm will start right away! These things will be a must have to survive the onslaught of the snow storm:

  • Camp Fire
  • Building to Insulate you
  • Complete Fur Armor Set
  • DO NOT use wooden building for this.
  • A minimum of stone structure or above is needed to survive the storm.

Once the device reaches 100%, pick it up and go back to your pod. And that is how you can survive the icestorm expeditions’ storm in Icarus! This will result in the unlocking of the snow biome for you after clearing this first mission.

Some More Tips for Ice Expedition in Icarus⇓

Here are some more tips that can help you along your expedition ways if you are in the unknown side of things. These are some basic tips of survival and navigation, but these can save you a lot of time as well:

  • Watch out! for crevices in between the snow floors.
  • Don’t venture out at night since the temperature is unforgiving
  • Keep camp fire with you at all times
  • Keep the stone structures ready with you and use it with the camfire incase of any mishap.
  • You can  take shelter in caves also. But beware of small creatures there.

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That would be all that I had to share in this Icarus Icestorm expedition mission. I hope surviving the snow/ice biome, after those tips, will be a bit easier for you. And you will be able to unlock the biome once and for all.

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Last Updated on December 11, 2021

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