Steelrising: How To Defeat The Treasurer Of Les Invalides

The battles through France rampage on in Steelrising and now we are facing our fourth boss. The Treasurer Of Les Invalides, who is as big and mighty as he is difficult to stop. That means players will have to really be on their toes if they are to take down this hulking figure.

However, this will not be an easy battle given the sheer size of the Titan in front of you. Nevertheless, there are some fundamental tactics which will serve you handily in the fight as we see below. 

Steelrising - The Treasurer of Les Invalides

Steelrising: What to know about The Treasurer Of Les Invalides

Huge, stunning, enormous, gigantic, etc. are all words that can best describe the Titan in question. You will have to be extremely alert of his electrical attacks which can deal damage from a variety of distances.

Therefore, the best move is to be always on the move so that you do not give him a chance to aim and fire. As mentioned above, the Titan will not lose a step even after your biggest strikes so you will have to constantly find opportunities of exploiting his weaknesses. 

Steelrising: The weapons to have

I know several of us have though to go hard as possible but that will be counter productive given that the Titan is almost impossible to take down.

Therefore, you would want to stick to the light weapons, but the exact choices do not matter given his lack of speed and attacks which are easy to spot. 

  • I was always careful enough to carry resistance vials which was productive when dealing with electrical damage that you will be taking. 

Here are the attacks to keep yourself informed: 

Overhead Slam

You will have to be alert for this one as the boss will bang their key on the ground after lifting it over his head. However, you will be able to predict when the strike is coming given that he takes some time to get ready. 

  • Whenever you see him going up, make sure you are on the move to the side given that the attack follows you a bit
  • However, you will benefit from the fact that he takes time to regain his stance 
  • Make sure that you are also avoiding the strike which comes directly at you, so going sideways is the best option.

Calling Gargoyle 

The Treasurer’s best friend, he will use his key to bring out three gargoyles during the fight. However, the gargoyles are not physical beasts but missiles. Therefore, you will have to make sure that you are dodging them as much as possible. 

  • I was able to strike the Titan when he was preparing the gargoyles, but that left me a little vulnerable to getting hit
  • It would best to pick your moments of attack since the blast will inflict some damage alongside putting on electrical charge on you. 

Steelrising - Taking down The Treasurer of Les Invalides

Bigger swipe of key

A time-consuming strike that has a huge range and goes behind him as well. The Treasurer will move his key around twice which will signal the start of the attack. 

  • If you are planning to position yourself in behind him, make sure you choose the area carefully because you will be hit if the placement is off.
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Swing of the key

He thrusts his key and swings slowly, so you will have a decent amount of time to get to the backside and strike there. However, do not get caught in the middle of the swing as it will not go well. 

Back slam rocket

As the name suggest, a lot of the backside is involved. Fire will come out of his rear which indicates he will fly and land on you. Or at least, try to. 

  • Given that this whole move takes significant time, you have the best chance to move away as necessary
  • Additionally, the Titan will be open to all of your attacks after he comes down so make the best of it given that this is coming in the latter stages of the battle.

Swinging bolt of lightning

Another gargoyle-themed attack which shows up in the final stages. The Treasurer brings out a gargoyle who shoots lightning bolts while being perched on the Titan’s back

  • The slowness of the attack means I was able to move around with ease and inflict some damage of my own.

Steelrising: How to take down The Treasuer Of Les Invalides

The scope of charged attacks is minimal given the sheer size of the boss so you will have to be very wary of his moves. The plan has to center on understanding when what attack is The Treasurer choosing and to plan our strikes accordingly. For that, you will want to keep mobile and moving sideways or go to his back. 

  • A big chance comes during the gargoyle attack, with the boss taking quite a while to call them so you can inflict damage there
  • After the final phase begins, there will be a lot of electrical attacks as the key is charged with lightning
  • Now it is time to use those vials if necessary and maintain your distance 
  • As the last part begins, the jumping attack comes to the forefront which will signal your incoming victory
  • Just keep ramming him pre or post attack and you will be winning in no time. 

Thus, that is all the information you will need for taking down The Treasurer Of Les Invalides. It will take some time as he is huge but the task is not impossible by any means. You would want to keep your distance and attack whenever possible. 

Last Updated on September 16, 2022

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