Isonzo: How To Best Use The Engineer Class

The return of World War I through the gameplay of Isonzo, based on the historical battles of the same name. You have a variety of roles to fill including the Officer, Rifleman, Engineer, and many others. When you are fighting notorious battles, the Engineer Class is one that comes in most handy.

This is because they are the masterminds behind crafting all your defences which will be key to stonewalling enemies. Additionally, the role of an Engineer is more complex than their counterparts so you would want to know as much about them before starting out.

In that regard, the following guide will help players in best figuring out how to go about making the best of Engineers. 


Isonzo: How to start playing with Engineer Class

As the basic forte of any engineer goes, they are experts in building stuff. Despite carrying a weapon as all soldiers do, their best powers are creating barriers, walls, shields and more protection for fellow comrades. Furthermore, the trenches will also get very problematic for enemies who are attempting to overrun you on the fields. 

  • Alongside all of it, you can better strengthen your base by using sandbags, wire, mines, and more
  • Whatever you construct will remain present even after you fall or captures as they are not easy to move around
  • I made sure to place them around Capture Points which it made it quicker to better them
  • However, there is also the option of being in the thick of action and giving cover to your shooters. 

Isonzo: What equipment to have as Engineer Class

Of course, the Engineer does have a gun as they are needed to protect themselves, given that it is still a battlefield. It has a solid range and can shoot quickly so you can fend off enemies. As you move onto newer levels, there will be more weapons at your disposal. 

The main weapon for the Engineer is the hammer, which is the key component of any new construction. 

  • You can construct any type of blockades at different parts of your squad’s area
  • Just select the hammer, and choose the blueprint of the construction and you will begin building
  • However, make sure that you are well-protected while doing all of this, given that you are susceptible to getting shot with enemy bullets
  • You also have Sapper and Construction buffs for getting better at your craft throughout the game. 

 I made sure to keep building stuff no matter the requirement or place so that even in the future, it would be of help in one way or another. 

Isonzo - Engineer Class

Isonzo: How to best play with the Engineer Class

Your main task to build solid roadblocks for enemies which will stop or delay them. You will have to be strategic in where you position your defenses, so that they are most suitable for you.

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While you will have a variety of options to choose from in terms of movement and crafting, there are some things that are best to know beforehand. 

Hammer is a strong weapon

Players have to wisely alternate between the hammer for crafting and rifle for shooting. The hammer has also an added benefit of being used up close as a melee weapon. 

  • The best part is you can just strike once and defeat the enemy as opposed to hitting multiple weapons
  • Nevertheless, you would want to be careful while using it given the swing is more winding which will throw off your balance a bit in desperate situations. 

Make use of the buff

The buffs for the Engineer revolve around building stuff and making sure you are safe. That could entail your construction speed increasing or lessening damage from enemies. 

  • The basic buff is Wire Company which will better speed of building barbed wire and destroying other objects in sight
  • Given the later buffs, it is is best to keep using it for as long as possible in the game. 

Take cover and stay safe

Given their name, the Engineers are not too adept at fighting. Therefore, you would want to remain in a big bunch, especially when you are crafting. 

  • The number of bullets in your chamber will be fixed, but you can shoot a few enemies at any given point of time
  • The best positions for Engineers would be behind your comrades or Capture Points
  • This will become the best areas where future soldiers show up to fight. 

Barbed wire for the win

The barbed wire will be your best friend in terms of longevity and battles as they will reduce the speed of onslaughts, capture soldiers, and even blockade well. 

  • The strongest locations would be strategic points where enemies would have to bunch up together or shuffle into a close alley where they will be shot
  • However, make sure that you are using the amount of barbed wire carefully as they are limited but a few of them should do the trick in most situations. 

Thus, that is how to best bring out the abilities of Engineer Class. They can be incredibly useful in the game, especially during onslaughts or when reinforcing structures. You will be able to figure stuff out once you get more into Isonzo and its various facilities. 

Last Updated on September 17, 2022

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