The Wandering Village: How To Manage Onbu Guide

It has been a great year for building games, with the popularity of Dinkum and other such releases. The latest entry in recent times has been The Wandering Village. You will have to take care of the population alongside farming and protecting them from dangers.

Additionally, you have to build a full-fledged community on the back of Onbu as well. He has a forest on his back and you will have to be careful in how you do the necessary things well.

Onbu has his own poison level, health, trust, and more. Therefore, there are some crucial facets of this whole endeavor you will have to keep in mind as discussed below. 

The Wandering Village

The Wandering Village: What to know about Onbu?

The big turtle-like beast has to be managed very carefully as he is not the easiest to make friends with. You will have to take care of the whole flourishing forest community on his back which can be strenuous in the beginning.

There are several contraptions and items that are required to have the basic goals met. That is why there are several key points that need to be kept in mind during the whole process. 

The Wandering Village: Managing Onbu’s Healthy

As expected, there is an Onbu Doctor to manage the poison and health but will require more herbs than usual. 

  • You will have to keep a close eye on the poison level, given that Onbu breathes in bad quality air over time
  • That is why he is more susceptible falling very sick and damaging health
  • I went to the Onbu Doctor who will make an antidote for 10 herbs that decreases poison level by 20% and betters trust. 

I made the mistake of relaxing too much in toxic places which was detrimental in the long run. Therefore, make sure that you are mobile whenever possible.

  • Doctor will be able to Cure Health for 30 Herbs with all the earlier facets
  • However, getting resources from him will damage Onbu’s health. 

The Wandering Village - Onbu

The Wandering Adventure: Commanding Onbu

You will have to use the Hornblower for issuing your commands. It will be able to give directions, speed of movement, and when to rest. However, it is not imperative that Onbu listens to you, so the trust factor will come in very handy here. 

  • The list of commands increase over time to including eating and napping
  • Eating is necessary whenever you meet mushrooms and want to gorge on food
  • Sleeping will be key given that Onbu can tend to sleep in dangerous areas which are toxic or environmentally unsafe
  • Therefore, it will be good to have a nap beforehand so that the risks of of sleeping in dangerous areas are lessened. 
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The Wandering Village: Feeding Onbu

Onbu only feeds on mushrooms that you will have to cook sooner than later. Though there are some to be found, making it yourself will take center stage. 

  • The food for Onbu can only be found through a Mycologist who will change into big mushroom balls 
  • They come in the shape of Onbu Food that will have to be cooked through Onbu Kitchen
  • However, you will have to use dirt as opposed to grass because the temperature is a major factor in this regard. You will be able to get Mushrooms through scavenging Forests and Poisoned Forests

To get the food into its mouth, the requirement is for a Onbu Feeding Trebutchet which acts like a catapult to get the food. It replenishes 20% of the hunger while increasing Trust. 

  • I was able to unlock the Onbu Feeding Pump which opened up Liquified Onbu Food 
  • That can be gotten through changing Onbu Food via an Onbu Food Liquifier
  • However, the key thing to remember is that Onbu’s trust will go down while hunger gets filled.

Therefore, it is advised to make use of the method whenever it is only necessary for short periods of time. 

The Wandering Village: Getting trust of Onbu

The basic tenets of making Onbu trust you is the same as in the real world. If you take care of him well and keep him happy, the trust will improve.

It will go go down if there are things that do not agree with Onbu. There are certain things that definitely get better as trust increases, while the Onbu Doctor will tell you the principle of letting Onbu pet you. 

  • However, there will be circumstances where you will have to lower the trust due to future benefits
  • If Onbu is poisoned, you will have to take out bile to stop the spread of it
  • I also took out blood for use as Black Pudding for the remaining villagers
  • Nevertheless, do not overdo it as you will need trust for future stuff. 

Thus, that is all the information you will need to take care of Onbu and make him happy and comfortable. I was careful not to alienate him too much given that there is a mutual understanding between us. Therefore, you will be best served not to get on the bad side. 

Last Updated on September 18, 2022

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