LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga | Split Screen + Stud Farming Guide

This guide talks about Split Screen Monitor Configuration and Stud Farming in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. Perfect for two players on the controller – split your gameplay into separate monitors with this configuration guide. Also, ensure a 144 refresh rate and change other settings!

Strong specs are recommended for higher resolutions as a side-effect of more screen space used by the application. This guide also shares the best ways to farm studs in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. Check it out below.

lego star wars lag and peformance guide

Split Screen and Stud Farming for Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

The guide is divided into two sub-parts. Check it out in full or as per your requirements.

Split Screen Monitor Configuration Guide

Method 1: For Nvidia Users

Via Nvidia Surround in Nvidia Control Panel RECOMMENDED. Nvidia Surround lets you make a virtual monitor via the Nvidia Control Panel. Specs: All Nvidia GPUs past the 600 series work. For AMD users, do something similar with the equivalent “AMD Eyefinity” technology. Instructions Below.

Search for Nvidia Control panel / Install if need be. Navigate to 3d Settings – Nvidia Surround and enable and configure. Adjust your bezel to around 100-300. You don’t want the road to be perfectly straight or it will hide pixels and make the cutscenes hard to read.

The larger the number, the more pixels in between and redundancy near the center of the screen. You will likely be limited to 60hz unless you have full GSync Monitors. This is perfectly fine for most gameplay. I recommend aligning the monitors as best as possible in terms of height. Adjust brightness/contrast/gamma to be the same. Enable fullscreen in-game, and voila it works.

Method 2: Granular Settings and window size:

Close the game first. Navigate to the following in Windows File Explorer (Windows Key + E shortcut):
C:\Users\W\AppData\Roaming\Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Paste your windows username in place of “W” then paste the address into File Explorer. Location of config should load in. I recommend Notepad++ to edit. Open the PCCONFIG.TXT which has all sorts of the display, audio, and other settings. Begin editing Video Settings in the video section.

Method For Video Settings (Resolutions)

For 2 x 1440p Monitors (2K)

ScreenWidth 5120
ScreenHeight 1440
WindowWidth 5120
WindowHeight 1390
WindowLeft 0
BorderlessWindow 0 

For 2 x 2160p Monitors (4K)

ScreenWidth 7680
ScreenHeight 4320
WindowWidth 7680
WindowHeight 4170
WindowLeft 0
BorderlessWindow 0
These calculations for 4K monitors are calculated. A community member can hopefully give perfect settings. Save your settings. Relaunch game and test. Repeat until satisfied.

Method 3: In-Game for 2 monitors split-screen co-op

Pause the game. Navigate to Video Options in Options. Enable windowed and drag the edge of the window to the desired resolution. If you encounter issues, restart the client.

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Other Notable Settings
ScreenRefreshRate 144
VerticalSyncMode 0
DoFEnabled 0
SubtitlesEnabled 1
BloomEnabled 0
You’re now running on 2+ monitors, congrats!

Stud Farming Guide

Method 1 – Bespin

This is the best method for farming studs currently. With this method, I was able to earn around 2 billion studs every 10 minutes or about 12 billion studs per hour.


You must have completed Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back. This is because the method takes place in Cloud City. You should upgrade the ‘Attract Studs’ upgrade to the maximum possible. This will ensure that you do not miss any of the studs dropped.

I recommend that you have at least one multiplier to make the process slightly easier, however without one you can still earn around 500,000 studs every 10 minutes or so.


Travel to Cloud City. When you first arrive you will see some walkers. These are the key to this method. Get in one. Walk around the entire area, trampling all of the destructible objects that you see.
All of the things that you break will respawn, so walk around breaking everything.

Once you have broken everything head back to where you started. Everything will have respawned and you can start over again. This is a before and after comparison of my stud counter after one run (about 5 minutes)

Method 2 – The Rise of Skywalker

This method is not as efficient as the first one but is less tedious so may be more enjoyable for longer runs. With this method, I was able to earn around 500 million studs per run. Each run takes about 4-6 minutes.


You must have completed the first mission Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker. I recommend that you have at least one multiplier to make the process slightly easier.


Go to episodes and select Episode 9. Select the first mission “A Skip and a Jump” and play it in Freeplay (so you can skip the cutscenes). This is an on-rails mission where you have to destroy 10 Tie Fighters. If you ignore the Tie Fighters, it is endless.

All you have to do to earn studs is shoot the pipes on the top and sides of the map. These will give you a fair amount of studs each time you break one. Continue this until you get bored. When you do, shoot the tie fighters and finish the level.

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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