Lost Ark | Hall Of Twisted Warlord Mechanics Guide

Hall of the Twisted Warlord is the first abyss dungeon in Lost Ark and today we’ll be going over its major mechanics. We won’t be covering all attacks except for major attacks, however.

Lost Ark Hall Of Twisted Warlord Mechanics Guide

Hall Of The Twisted Warlord Mechanics Guide For Lost Ark

First Boss Fight

Let’s get to the first boss. The first chamber has you fight against the Bishop and the Rook and you should try to kill both of them at the same time. Otherwise, the remaining one will go berserk.

Or else you can group them both in the middle to AoE damage. This will help you do dramatic damage to both of them at the same time.

First Mechanics

Sometimes after the fight, a message from Azena will come in and this indicates the start of the first mechanic which is “the lineup”. When the mechanics start a player is going to get a mark on his head. At the same time, the Rook is going to run to the corner of the map and you should keep track of its position.

  • The player must then form a straight line with the rook and the bishop in which the bishop will get shot at by the rook.
  • You must complete the mechanics, without failing to do this, right away.

The Minions

The boss will also have protection around him which is gonna be the castle pieces. In this case, you’ll want to break the castle pieces first before you line it up or otherwise the Rook will not be able to hit the Bishop.

Giant Circle Under Player

If you’re not the player with the mark, you might see a giant circle under you.

  • In this case, you want to run as far away as possible so that you do not interrupt the player during the mechanics, with your circle, as the serial could knock them back.
  • And that’s pretty much it for the entire fight.
  • These are the only mechanics that are present in the entire fight.

Second Boss Fight

In the second chamber, you’ll be fighting against the Phantom Legion King himself. Make sure you don’t stand in the way of any of his AoE attacks or just get hit by any of his general attacks.

Otherwise, he has two major mechanics in this fight.

  • The first one is going to be a simple stagger check.
  • He’s going to put up an orange shield along with a staggering bot at the bottom.
  • Your party must use a staggered attack in order to break his shield which stops the attack here.
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First Mechanics

And then finally at 15 health bar, he will begin his first major mechanics. It’s important for you to save all your stagger skills before you begin this phase. Because you will be once again required to do an entire stagger bar.

  • The boss will jump back into the middle of the chamber and then he will begin his mechanic with the text from Azena.
  • It is important for you to stagger him very quickly as the time gap to stagger him is very very short.
  • You can also use forward grenades as they are very very high stagger on a consumable slot.

Sword Summoning

While this is happening he’ll then spawn four swords chasing after each one of your party members. Whenever one of your party members picks up a sword your entire party will get this debuff which disables you from picking up any other sword.

Picking up a sword while you have a debuff will cause a ray wipe. The debuff will go away after 2 seconds which allows another party member to pick up a sword and then this continues until all four of you have picked up the swords.

  • You and your party members must decide the order of picking up the swords.
  • You’ll want to pick up the swords one by one with two seconds apart from each other so that the debuff does not overlap.
  • And while this is happening, the party members who have already picked up the sword must charge in and start staggering the boss.
  • Because if you do not stagger the boss in time, it will also cause a ray wipe.

Second Mechanics

Finally at the 5 hp bar, once again, you will have to do this identical mechanic in which you have to pick up the swords as well stagger the boss, and then finally you’re done with the boss. And that’s pretty much it for this dungeon and the mechanic’s guide. 

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Last Updated on May 24, 2022

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