MADiSON: How To Solve The Well Puzzle?

The first-person horror games genre just got another gem added to its list. MADiSON follows the tale of Luca, who is being haunted by ghosts and demons and needs to escape from his room and house with a camera in his hand.

Needless to say, the game heavily uses stealth as Luca (you) will have to outwit the monsters after him. There are several puzzles strewn throughout the game that you will have to solve throughout your journey.

This is where the comes in, as clicking pictures through it will make changes to the storyline. The following guide will help players in deciphering the mystery behind the well puzzle.

MADiSON - Well Puzzle

MADiSON: Where is the well located?

The well is situated in the basement of Grandpa’s house. You will get here after making your way through book shelves which is to the end of the hallway in the basement.

Luca will take a picture of the basement’s red door, that allows you entry inside. Once you have made it in, the sight is a very ominous one for Luca.

You will spot two lines of candles which stretch till the well itself. There is crime tape placed all around, while fog is hiding the back portion of the room, beyond the well itself.

Furthermore, all of this creepy vibes points to the three locks that are placed on the lid of the well itself. There are symbols on the locks, with Luca remembering that he has seen them before somewhere. Therefore, you will now have to retrace your steps in the game to solve this mystery. 

MADiSON: How to solve the well puzzle?

The symbols which Luca remembers are also present on the sigil that is present on the wall of the red safe room. This is just beside the dining room, meaning you have to go up again.

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Given that the symbols are different for everyone, there is no shortcut of clearing this step. Once you are out of the basement, go down the hall to the dining room, and past the back door to the left.

Now, in the very next room, there is an image of two triangles and a hexagon. There are circles in between them, filled with question marks.

MADiSON - Well Puzzle Combination

Luca needs to take a picture of it with his camera, and the ensuing output will have three yellow circles. These are the same symbols as the ones on the well, which will help in unlocking the padlocks. 

The locks are arranged in the same fashion as those on the wall. This means that the bottom-left of the picture is the left side lock, the bottom-right of the picture is the right side lock, and the circle at the top is the lock behind the well.

The centre circle is the well when viewed from directly above. Now, having unlocked the locks, take a picture and the top portion will open up. 

There you go, the well puzzle is complete and players can move onto the next level. The mysteries get ever deeper, and there will be nice interplay between previous and next levels too. Therefore, make sure to keep a keen watch and focus on the little things too. 

Last Updated on July 17, 2022

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