Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – How And Where To Find Purecrystal

The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak DLC is filled with brand-new content that engages players over several hours. You will have to craft a number of items in the game, with materials that are easy and hard to find. One of the critical components in this regard is the Purecrystal.

It is a type of ore used to make objects in the Ingot and Utsushi sets. Purecrystal is a rare ore, which has been included for the first time in the Sunbreak DLC.

It is to be found in the Flooded Forest, and players will benefit massively from obtaining it. The following guide will help players in getting to the Purecrystal and taking it. 

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – How to reach Flooded Forest?

As mentioned above, Purecrystal has to be searched for in the Flooded Forest. Players will be whisked away to the Elgado Outpost, where the three monsters, called the Three Lords, are being a menace.

Their names are Elder Dragon Malzeno, Wyvern Lunagaron, and the Garangolm. Coming back to the Flooded Forest, it is filled with rivers, waterlogged areas, that is jampacked with beasts and loot. It is here that players will get the Purecrystal, but they will need Master Rank.

To unlock Master Rank, players have to go to the Elgado Outpost, and it is possible without unlocking other ranks. Now, you will be able to adventure on Master Rank Expeditions to find ores and piles of bones. There is no time limit, so no need to hurry, and now you can head to the Flooded Forest for the necessary Purecrystal. 

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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak - Purecrystal

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – Where to find Purecrystal?

The item we are looking for is to be located in the white and blue mining points inside the Flooded Forest. Check out the comprehensive map for the same, and it also helps in filtering items so everything is not clustered.

Therefore, players will are free to select between the blue and white points where they need to go. Of course, you will have to be on a Master Rank Expedition in order to travel here.

However, there is no perfect guarantee Purecrystal will be received from every mining node. Therefore, you will have to toil hard so you eventually end up getting it. 

The list if gears that can be crafted through the purecrystal are given below: 

  • Ceanataur Coil
  • Gore Mail
  • Hawksuit 
  • Almudrom Vambraces X
  • Ingot Coil X
  • Utsushi True Greaves/Medium’s Hakama (Light)
  • Hawkcoil
  • Damascus Mail X
  • Kushala Grip X
  • Ingot Helm X
  • Utsushi True Greaves/Channeler’s Hakama (Spring)
  • Ingot Mail X
  • Jelly Hat X
  • Ingot Greaves X
  • Utsushi True Braces/Channeler’s Hope (Spring)
  • Vaik Helm X
  • Utsushi True Braces/Medium’s Prayer (Light)

As expected, there are a lot of Purecrystal that will be needed, 23 in fact, to craft all of this. Furthermore, you can sell Purecrystal for 3600 gold each in the game. 

Last Updated on July 9, 2022

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