MultiVersus: How To Perform Edgeguarding

Fans of cartoons and superheroes are having a blast with MultiVersus, containing a multitude of characters. There are several ways to battle enemies, with Edgeguarding being a particularly impressive method.

Given that there is an array of projectiles with ranged attacks, you have to get the basics of Edgeguarding right in order to win. In a nutshell, it is keeping your opponents off the screen as long as possible.

However, there are some nitty-gritties that players can master in the game. The following guide will help players with how to go about Edgeguarding in MultiVerse. 

MultiVerse - How to Edgeguarding

MultiVersus: Understanding the technique

First things first, players must not confuse Edgeguarding with Ledgeguarding. The latter is standing on the edge of a platform as you constantly try to deny your opponent the opportunity to get back on it.

Therefore, it becomes a matter of fighting from essentially one spot. However, Edgeguarding has players voluntarily going after enemies once they fall off the stage in order to attack further and keep them away from returning.

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Therefore, this is a much more active mode of combat. Since you will be chasing your opponents, it is important to take note of their various abilities. Finn from Adventure Time makes use of teleportation to return back to the stage after being forced off.

Thus, going after him will be unwise as he will be in the midst of teleporting. In this scenario, it is better to gauge where he might spawn in order to attack there as soon as he pops up. This is a small example of how each character’s traits will influence the boundaries of Edgeguarding. 

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MultiVerse - Edgeguard

MultieVersus: How to execute Edgeguarding

As mentioned above, the approach to Edgeguarding will have to be different when battling different opponents. You can try a jumping strike while the enemy is gliding to the platform.

Nevertheless, they can make use of an offensive special ability which will have you waiting till the effects of it wear off in the game. Therefore, it is critical to understand the ways in which Edgeguarding can fail before executing it in the game. 

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Players also have to observe the height from which their enemy is trying to recover after getting knocked back. If they are approaching from below using Wall Jump, use Edgeguarding via an aerial route.

If they are coming down from the top, then make sure to avoid a knock-up attack. It will take some practice and time for players to get the hang of things as there are an array of characters in MultiVerse to master. 

Thus, that is all players have to know before trying to do Edgeguarding. There are a couple of basic facts that will help you every time, but make sure to not rush into things as it can backfire. 

Last Updated on July 28, 2022

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