PowerWash Simulator: How To Play Multiplayer Mode

The relaxing nature of PowerWash Simulator has seen it climb up the favourites chart quickly. The fact that players are doing their missions in a friendly environment that involves cleaning a variety of objects is a very different experience.

Players are coming back for more, and one of the best ways to play the game is with friends. The Multiplayer Mode in the game will benefit players who want to play the game fully after years of Beta access.

The following guide will help players in starting with the game and enabling Multiplayer mode for having everyone join the fun. 

PowerWash Simulator - Multiplayer

PowerWash Simulator: What is the gameplay about?

Players have to manage a small cleaning business in the town of Muckingaham. You will receive money for each completed job which can be used to upgrade equipment, nozzles, and outfits.

All of it will help in making your job go quicker and able to more rewards as the game goes on. There’s a friendly nature to the game as players can unwind after a long day to clean dirt off an interesting collection of objects.

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There is a Campaign Mode as usual, but players can also take part in random levels, alongside coming across unique projects like cleaning the Mars Rover on Mars.

Given that players have had Beta access for so long, the new update provides a ton of updates that will surely enthrall players of all seasons and experiences. 

PowerWash Simulator - Multiplayer mode

PowerWash Simulator: How to play Multiplayer Mode

The multiplayer mode was added in the full game which supports cross-platform play as well. Therefore, it allows players of all ilk to join in on the fun together.

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You will have access to Multiplayer mode in any of the game modes that is present on the main menu. Once you go into the tablet or the menu, there is a place to activate co-op play on the top left corner.

It supports up to five different players. After selecting it, you will activate the mode, but can be accessed only through the respective level. 

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Players can select “friends only” option in the menu, which will only allow friends from the same device to join. Furthermore, there is also the option to activate cross-play which will have players joining across PCs and consoles in PowerWash Simulator. 

The option to join a co-op game shows up on the top right of your screen, if you have not turned on the mode. Here is where you will have the chance to view all of the games that your friends are playing and even the cross-platform ones.

However, if you have turned on co-op mode, you will be seeing the option of asking to invite friends. 

Thus, that is all players need to know about the Multiplayer mode in PowerWash Simulator. It is a fairly simple process to follow, and the fact that multiple people can clean stuff is always more helpful. 

Last Updated on July 28, 2022

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