Stray: How To Find Clementine In Midtown (Chapter 10)

The fuzzy adventures of players as the Cat have been winning hearts in Stray. You will have to solve a litany of puzzles, go through mysterious locations, and meet many characters.

In Chapter 10 (Midtown), players will have to find Clementine as they hope to make it to the Outside. Players will get an idea of Clementine’s location from an Outsider in the Antvillage.

Therefore, your mission is to make it to Clementine in Midtown and help. In that regard, the following guide will help players in achieving their mission and meeting up with an old friend. 

Stray - Finding Clementine

Stray: Where to find Clementine

Once players have received the photo from Zbaltazar in Antvillage, it will have the address of Clementine on the back side. So, you move onto Midtown, where you will confer with Companions who reveal how to read the photo’s clue.

The blue symbols are the street name, the red dots represent room number, and the green particles are for the floor number where Clementine is present.

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As you make your way past the entrance to Midtown, go straight north till you reach the main plaza, housing the holographic robots. Take a right here and you will come across the blue symbol, indicating that this is the street where Clementine is present.

After you cross three robots, travel up the stairs and you will come across doors with red and green dots. Now, you will have to hunt for the door which contains the same combination as the one on the photo.

Stray - Clementine location

For this, you have to go to the third floor which is to the left of the main staircase, and then take a right as you come to another set of stairs. There is a robot here, and take a right.

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The answer is the second door, having five red dots and three green dots. However, your path is stopped by police tape, so you will have to crawl through a hole in the planked up window. You are now in the kitchen, and leaving that, you will see Clementine. 

Stray: How to help the cyborg

Once you have met Clementine, you will find out that the cyborg has keys which is for the vehicle at the subway station. The problem is the keys are rusty, and Clementine will reveal how to get them to work.

Cat and B-12 have to steal the Atomic Battery present inside Neo Corp Factory, which will allow them to power up the plant. Players can attempt this by stealing a Worker Hat and Jacket for Blazer, who is in on the plan. Clementine will disappear after you finish this final part, leaving a clue about its next place. 

Thus, that is all players have to know about finding Clementine in Stray which is a critical step in your path to freedom. It is a pretty straightforward mission, but the real action will start as you begin to infiltrate Neo Corp with Blazer. 

Last Updated on July 28, 2022

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