One Piece Odyssey: How To Find Ogre Onion

The celebration of the 25th Anniversary of an ever-popular anime and manga has finally begun. Fans of One Piece Odyssey have been rejoicing since the game dropped today. The game had been heavily talked about for many weeks, and fans wondered what kind of experience they were in for. As expected, it is an open-world adventure with a lot of free roam for all players involved and many arcs in the anime.

You will have a great time traveling across the various regions with your Straw Hat team as you begin your quest via Luffy and go on to unlock all the remaining characters. While there is some sadness for Xbox players, given that One Piece Odyssey is not on Game Pass, that is a minor inconvenience.

Players can even cook and make dishes through the various items they find in the game. Several ingredients will help your cause as well. In that regard, the following guide explains how to collect Ogre Onion in the game for players. 

One Piece Odyssey - Ogre Onion

One Piece Odyssey: What is the Ogre Onion

Firstly, Ogre Onion is just one of the many ingredients for cooking that players will encounter in the game. This is the complete list as follows: 

  • Blue Peppercorn
  • Sandy Shell
  • Meat Chunk
  • Fragrant Herb
  • Sandora Dragon Meat
  • Energy Apple
  • Simple Pasta
  • Scorpion Leg
  • Ogre Onion
  • Poison Burr Chestnut
  • Bedrock Salt

Players can do their cooking within Sanji’s Kitchen, and the food they have will replenish their skills as they take on several enemies and bosses throughout the game. Additionally, there is no one fixed way of acquiring these ingredients as players can complete Dramatic Scene goals, take down opponents, and the stuff you collect, along with the field skills of Sanji.

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There will also be many other methods once players go through every nook and cranny of the game. 

One Piece Odyssey - Ogre Onion how to find

One Piece Odyssey: How to get Ogre Onion

You will find Ogre Onion under the Materials tab, but players have to cook it very well to cook or if you want to create Trick Balls via Usopp. Ogre Onion’s shine can be a giveaway, and here are the ways to find it in One Piece Odyssey: 

  • Crack open the different barrels, pots, and boxes which are spread throughout the Mysterious Island.
  • As you finish battles and quests, enemies will drop a considerable amount of loot, and Ogre Onion can be among them.
  • The best way and most popular would be to scan the ground you are walking on, and given its shiny nature, you should find it and grab it quickly.

Thus, that is all the information players will need regarding the Ogre Onion in One Piece Odyssey. It can be a convenient item for every player in all game phases, meaning you will always be able to derive some benefits from it. That is why you gather Ogre Onions whenever you can and keep eating them well. 

Last Updated on January 13, 2023

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