Plants Vs Zombies GW2: Deluxe Edition- Config File Location And Settings

The franchise of Plants vs. Zombies has been running successfully for many years now. Players can fight for either side in this epic action-packed game. The latest Deluxe Edition titled, Garden Warfare 2, has been performing well. However, certain sections of players are unhappy with some of the pre-planned game settings.

These settings cannot be accessed easily from inside the game. Therefore, players need to know about these hidden places from where they can be found. The following guide will help you through the different processes needed to achieve your objectives. 

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Plants vs Zombies GW 2: How to change FOV, Internal Resolution, and Deferred Anti-Aliasing

First things first, the above-mentioned stuff cannot be found in the game. They are configuration files that you have to change manually. For users of Windows, it can be searched up at C:\Users\(your name)\Documents\Plants vs Zombies GW2\Settings. 

The name of the file will be PROF_SAVE_profile. There will not be any filename extension but do not fret. Players can operate this file with any text editing app like Notepad++ or others. Now, you are all set to change the required settings as per your best wishes. 


You can search for FOV in the file titled GstRender.FieldOfView. The default will be 70 and you can as high as you want, depending upon your specs. 

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Internal Resolution

Be careful over how you change these settings because it will have a significant impact on the gameplay. Players cannot find this normally on the displayed list.

You have to write GstRender.ResolutionScale1.00 on a fresh line. Players can place this new line, though its place will automatically get changed after saving and starting again.

You can find it once again in the section titled GstRender. Another common location where it can spawn is GstRender.PostProcessQuality. 

However, the absolute maximum potential of this resolution cannot be stated right now. That is because there is no way to try, given the restrictions on everyone’s PC. 

Deferred Anti-Aliasing

This option can be seen at Gst.AntiAliasingDeferred. The anti-aliasing options can blur the game to a great degree which can make visibility a problem. You can turn it off and on with the various levels. They can range from 0 to 2.0=Disabled, 1=2xAA, and 2=4xAA.

Thus, we have reached the end of the guide. While it may only be three settings, at least two of them are very important for the improvements of the game. Therefore, make sure to explore them in detail and notice the difference. 

Last Updated on May 22, 2022

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