V Rising – How To Get Pristine Hide and Pristine Leather

 V Rising has a lot of resources in the game that a player can use to craft a variety of items. There are some that are readily available and some that are a bit tough to get if you are just starting out with the game.

I will be discussing two such resources, which are dependent on each other. The first one is Pristine Hide, and with that comes the Pristine Leather. I will discuss how you can get the former and use it to craft the latter.

V Rising reosurces guide

How To Get Pristine Hide and Pristine Leather in V Rising

You may have already noticed that you need leather to further upgrade, and progress in V Rising. To unlock leather, you need a tannery. You can craft a tannery right after you defeat Keely The Frost Archer. After that, things become a bit complicated. I am here to help you through that.

How To Get Fish Oil and Pristine Hide

These two resources are quite essential if you are looking for better and improved leather. One of the top places of interest to get Fish Oil is Mosswick Village. Along with fish oil, you can also get the following resources from Mosswick Village:

  • Wool Thread
  • Scroll
  • Quartz
  • Horse

Mosswick Village resources v rising

To get Pristine Hides, all you need to do is hunt for Werewolves. As far as I and other players have noticed, Werewolves spawn in the South-Eastern part of the map if you are starting from the bottom of the map.

 One of the top and hottest places for Werewolves to spawn is anywhere in the Dunley Farmlands. They only spawn during the nighttime, so you should strategize your farm accordingly. They vanish in thin air, so keep that in mind while you farm them for Pristine Hides.

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How To Get Pristine Leather

Since I already mentioned the two most essential resources for this part, to get Pristine Leather, you need to have Fish Oil and Pristine Hide in the first place. Get these two, feed them in the Tannery, and you will get Pristine Leather.

Pristine Leather Crafting V Rising

The hardest part of crafting and getting Pristine Leather is getting the Pristine Hides from Werewolves. Fish Oil is straightforward. You will either have them or you won’t.

Once you get hold of the first two resources, crafting this will be quite easy since this does not require any additional farming.

If you have any unique ways of farming Pristine Hide, Fish Oil, or Pristine Leather in V Rising, do let us know using the comment section below.

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Last Updated on February 4, 2024

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