Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong: Guide To Unlocking All Endings

It’s been a good year for lovers of vampires. V Rising has already been making waves with its survival and horror blend. The latest in the genre is the next installment in the Vampire: The Masquerade series. Titled Vampire: The Masquerade-Swansong, it has several interesting missions, and more importantly, endings.

Players can choose from a variety of ways in how they want the journey to end.

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These choices do have a significant bearing most of the time. You can swing a bad ending to a good one, and vice versa. Therefore, players will always be keen to know the many different ways their story could have ended. The game has a healthy mix of “good” and “bad” endings.

Therefore, it’s quite exhilarating to know the many different ways a character could have ended up. The following guide will help you navigate the myriad of endings that you can replay and experience yourself.

Vampire: The Masquerade-Swansong- All the endings explained 

Endings of Emem

One of the most consequential characters in the game, who’s very well rounded out. Emem’s past in the world you play in will have a significant bearing on how the game concludes. Therefore, let’s look at all the different ways the various endings happen with Emem:

Time runs out before placing the virus

Emem’s worst fate arguably. In her penultimate part, Emem has to install a virus. Though the time ticking down is probably more than you’ll need, it can end up being short. That will, in turn, have damaging consequences on your character.

Players can access this ending by going into the Server Room and waiting for the S.A.D. soldiers to show up. A gunfight erupts and Emem will be out for good at the end of it.

Follow Hilda but deny her offer

The final scenes of Emem are pivotal to the whole game. Hilda will approach you, wanting to have a chat. If you accept, both of you go to her room together. It’s in here that Hilda will give you a final decision, and force you to make a decision.

However, players will not know the consequences of rejecting the proposal. If Emem declines, Hilda kills you by stabbing a piece of wood through your heart.

Follow Hilda and accept her offer

Once again, proceed with Hilda to her room. Once again, she will present you with a choice. If you accept this time, the ending will get better but not by much.

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The British will come, destroying the Boston Camarilla while all of Emem’s businesses close down. Emem survives. However, all her known ones and friends will be gone, while truly devastating everything she held dear.

Bypass Hilda and meet the Prince

The best out of the three conclusions. Emem ignores Hilda and goes directly to Prince Iverson. You will be catapulted to Iverson’s final speech.

Though it is not mentioned in the game, Hilda will come under a bus in the end. Emem will not know about the London Camarilla if she had no clue earlier. This part can only get clear if you follow Hilda in other outcomes.

Endings of Galeb

A solid character with overall growth. The most veteran vampire in Boston with a fearsome reputation. Galeb loves annihilating his enemies and the game provides the perfect platform. Moreover, he faces off with several main characters and the boss many times over the course of the game. The following are his endings:

Unable to defeat Stanford

The most likely ending for Galeb in the game. That is why you should be making sure of all the information you get during the game. If Galeb fails to defeat Stanford, you will get turned to ash. Therefore, the evil boss will continue fighting and destroying things you love.

Sticking by the Prince

The only other alternative to the previous ending. If Galeb manages to defeat Stanford, there will come a small change to the pictures during Prince Iverson’s speech. However, if Galeb leaves, there will be another change in the pictures. Therefore, players will not see much difference between the two even after the Stanford ending.

Endings of Leysha

A huge character development with less impact, Leysha is a master of lies and deception. Despite not being a major character, her storyline is very strong. Therefore, there are varied endings to her character too as mentioned below:

Halsey and Leysha escape

The better ending is with Leysha having to rescue Halsey. Once again, the time afforded in long enough for players to figure the mystery out. Halsey and you embrace after passing the mission, as they go on to live together.

Halsey and Leysha at odds

After rescuing Halsey, Leysha has to help her calm down in the Final Confrontation. However, if Leysha fails, Halsey finishes her off and the game ends there.

Leysha fails to rescue Halsey

If Leysha cannot escape with Halsey, the latter obviously dies due to the Incinerator. Moreover, the post-credits scene also shows Leysha jailed in a prison in Vatican City. There are no details provided as to how she was captured or sent there.

Facing werewolves

This ending depends on how you perform in Galeb’s story. However, if you do get this ending, it’s bad for everyone involved. Leysha clashing with the werewolf three times will get her instant defeat. There is a lot of blood, and given Leysha’s poor fate, Halsey can expect a similarly bad ending.

Last Updated on May 22, 2022

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