PowerWash Simulator: How To Make Money Fast

The simulation game making all the noise right now is PowerWash Simulator. The relaxing mood of the game, coupled with cleaning stuff for money is a concept many gamers can get behind.

There is no need for complex action-packed scenes or long, boring timelines. You can just finish cleaning items and objects one after the other in order to upgrade and buy newer upgrades.

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However, this is an area that can stump players. While all of us love to earn quickly, the rewards for cleaning may not match up to the standards always.

Therefore, you may be in need of more money so as to move the equipment to the next level. Thankfully, there are some ways that will increase your earning potential substantially, making it easier for you to get your hands on top-class equipment.

The following guide will help players with how to approach the game in order to make money quickly. 

PowerWash Simulator - Extensions

PowerWash Simulator: Focus on vehicles

This is where quantity over quality truly shines. Cleaning vehicles is quicker, and can earn players money fast. On the other hand, going after big projects which take up a substantial amount of time will slow down your approach to get the best equipment.

Therefore, it is always advised to clean as many vehicles as possible within minutes, and keep collecting cash. You will start noticing the difference in the pace drastically. 

PowerWash Simulator: Avoid soap nozzles and short extensions

Yes, this is actually an astute tip. While cleaning with soap sounds tempting and players can get the job done even quicker, the fact remains the refilling soap takes money.

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So, you will be spending fast, but the savings will not be there. The same is true for the short nozzles, which are pretty useless, given the fact that you can just watch the area closest to you without any nozzle.

If you have to spend, make sure to go for the long extensions or turbo nozzles. They are the best of the lot, and will definitely expand your earning potential by a lot. 

PowerWash Simulator - Cleaning train

PowerWash Simulator: Go for the large, flat areas early on

When covering a big project that will take a lot of money, players can get frustrated quickly by the slow pace of progress. If you are tempted to make money fast, go for the better option in these tasks.

Cleaning the big, flat surfaces is easier and quicker as well as more rewarding for players. They cover the most surface area so have the most money attached. Therefore, that makes it a no-brainer if players go after the cash. 

Thus, these are some of the most helpful tips when it comes to earning a lot of money in the game rapidly. Of course, you should also play the game at its natural pace in order to enjoy the full flow. However, this guide is for the impatient ones who want to become the best and fast.  

Last Updated on July 19, 2022

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