PowerWash Simulator: Best Tips And Tricks Guide

There’s always something alluring about a game that is not serious or action-packed all the time. Players can relax a bit and take their time as they go through the various levels in order to enjoy the gameplay to the fullest. That is exactly where PowerWash Simulator comes in.

As the name suggests, the game makes use of a power washer which you will wield in a simulation game. Players have to primarily clean dirt off of vehicles, objects, buildings, and basically anything that comes their way.

You are in charge of your business and completing each job will get you coins that you can spend to better upgrade your tools and lure lucrative clients.

PowerWash Simulator

Furthermore, the power washer also has a great range of modifications that come with time and progress. There are also extra tools and objects for you to use, depending on the type of level.

Therefore, it is clear that the game is a much-needed break from the allure of the current popular games, including Destiny 2 and Outriders Worldslayer.

Now, players who have started the game already or are on their way must be looking for some pointers to help them in the early phase. The following guide is filled with tips that players can use in the game to further their success and get even better at PowerWash Simulator.

Getting 100% clean

There will be times when the object you are cleaning will be shining like brand-new. Nevertheless, the clean meter will keep showing 99%. Now, you may not be able to find out where that dirt is still not cleaned.

It can get really frustrating after searching everywhere, so this is where a neat trick comes in handy. Simply press the Tab key, and you will find the remaining dirt getting highlighted by glowing up in yellow.

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However, given that it always comes up in yellow color, you might face a little difficulty while cleaning yellow surfaces so make sure to check minutely. 

PowerWash Simulator - Cleaning object

See the details of cleaning

If you want to find out how clean every part of the given object is, press Escape and from the ensuing menu, select Details. Now you can check out all the portions of the task at hand and how clean they are. 

Make use of different nozzles and extensions

There will be times when an object will totally clean, even after using the Tab key. However, there might still be dirt on it at angles or places which are not visible through the nozzle you are currently using.

Therefore, make sure to change the nozzle when in these situations. For example, using a long extension for viewing underneath cars or use the turbo nozzle for getting dirt out of a tight corner which the other nozzles cannot reach.

Using soap nozzle works the best and most efficiently, but you will require a lot of soap and of the right kind as indicated in the upper left corner of the screen. 

PowerWash Simulator - Cleaning House

Vintage car tyres are hard

Players will need a lot of patience during these tasks as the soap and turbo nozzle combination will take time.

Soap refill

Just press ‘R’ and you will be adding soap to the empty container when done.

Thus, there you have it. Some tips and tricks to help you get started and plow on in the game. It is a casual affair, and players can simply do the tasks by taking things easy. The simplicity will definitely help your cause and make you want more every time.

Last Updated on March 7, 2024

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